Sunday, April 27, 2008

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Some Awards and Thank Yous!

Two posts in one day?! Yes, it's true! Some wonderful, sweet blogger friends had passed on some awards to me, so I wanted to say Thank You!!

First, I was recently given the Arte Y Pico award by Beate at Fresh & Fun, Jenn at Stamp Your Heart Out, Donna at Serenity in Stamping, and Sara at Desperate Stamper. Thank you ladies, such an honor coming from great artists like you, and I can't tell you how good you made me feel after some rough teaching days!

Now, this is getting a little bit older (February 2008, yikes!) but my dear friend, teaching advisor, and soldering tutor TexasGrammy at Savor the Journey gave me this E for Excellent rating. Thank you, Bev! Looking forward to having more time to stamp with you this summer! Just 5 more weeks!

Lastly, this one is going way back to last fall, my sweet friend and fellow Artisan Award winner Mary Jo at Beauty Lies Within gave me the Rockin' Girl Blogger. I'm sure you're all familiar with MJ by now, she's a true artist and destined to win the Artisan Award again this year, I have no doubt! Hugs, MJ!

Thank you so much ladies! It feels good to catch up on these things! I think it's a phase I'm going through...I won't even admit to what I did last weekend with some of my Christmas cards (not the handmade ones, of course, and I don't mean throwing them out either)...

Have a great night!

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Savor the Journey * TexasGrammy said...

Awwww, darling Angie! You are so deserving! I'm definitely looking forward to your stampin' freedom in a few more weeks! Hoooooray for all the faboo works you do and the inspiration you pass along!