Friday, August 31, 2007

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Let's go to school!

I finally took some pictures so I could share my classroom with you! Now that I see it, I'm afraid it looks better in real life! Keep in mind, this is a title 1 charter school (in a Methodist church), with very limited funds. We are a public school and receive public funding, we only rent the building space from the church. The paint for the walls, every reading book in my "library", etc. I bought myself. I wish I could do even more for these kids, but I know they are getting a good education at this school. The Asst. Superintendent (she runs the training and curriculum) is phenomenal, her training is outstanding, and she is VERY demanding of all the teachers. She wants the best for these kids too. Anyway, I made the pictures small, but you can click on them for more details. I plan to stamp & post more during my big 3-day weekend! Yahooo! Hope you have a Festive Friday!


Lori said...


Your classroom is so cute!! You did a great job and I love the scrapbook paper as the wallpaper!

Happy Friday!


Tisha Copeland said...

Way too cute! Can I send my children to you? I want them to have you as a teacher!


Lorie said...

Very nice room! Our church hosts an After School Safe Place for the elementary children of our community. The school district even buses the kids directly to the church. Definitely a program that is needed in lots of places!

Tara said...

I love that you combined scrappin' and stampin' with your teaching...super cute never seem so do as much justice as real life!! :) Great job!

AJ said...

Your class is so interesting....I should take pictures of my sons room.
He is in a non traditional school, multi age classrooms, stay with the same teacher for 3 years, no desks lined all in a row. WOW, what difference!
Good luck to your new year!! *CANNOT* wait to see what FABULOUS creation you come up with on your 3 day weekend!!! I started my sunday page already!!

Mandy & Jason said...

I love the wall! Too cute!

Nancy Riley said...

Angie, Your classroom is adorable! I love the personal touches you've added to it! I can tell you really love what you do! Have a WONDERFUL school year!