Friday, August 3, 2007

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Okay, this will be my last Convention post, I promise! I'm afraid I'm starting to beat a dead horse...I just know I'll never be seeing this horse again! ;-)

The minute I got the Doodle This set, I knew I wanted to make a Christmas tree out of it. I love everything Christmas, all year long, and this doodle seemed perfect. This card just about got the best of me though. I don't like to make a card more than once (not counting swaps, and then I can only do 20-30 of one design.) I know it's more productive, but I have no interest in it. I stamped these images with Staz-on ink on Glossy White card stock, and I can't tell you how many times I smeared it or messed it up. Plus, I was making the saying "merry" with the Doodle Alphabet first and it kept smearing. After all that, I just didn't love it, so I dug out the "peace" saying from the Glad Tidings set. It was nice to finally use it since it had been sitting untouched since purchasing it last year. doh! But anyway, I had to re-do it again and again, you get the idea. It's very simple, but I liked the way it turned out, finally.

Some of us got so lucky the night of the Pajama Party, because Shelli was there and available for photographs with hardly any line! (You like the way I write like we're on a first name basis?) If you've been to a SU event, you know how rare this. The line is usually a mile long! She didn't speak or emcee at the event, so most of us hadn't noticed she was there. And no, I wasn't wearing pajamas sadly. I had planned on buying the special SU ones, but that's before I tried them on and saw my butt in the knit bottoms! Not pretty, and I couldn't spend $37 and walk around in good conscience hurting people like that!

We'll be back to regular programming tomorrow, so stay tuned! I'm going to a crop retreat at my friend Lori's house. Why should we pay $250+ when we have an awesome friend with a big house who loves to cook and knows a masseuse?! It will be stamping & scrapping heaven, and I'm sure they'll make lots of beautiful artwork I can photograph! Have a wonderful weekend!


Tara said...

cute idea...sooo creative!

Tara said...
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Donna said...

leave it to you, Angie to make a Christmas tree out of a doodle - that's cute! you're too funny about your butt in the knit pants (glad I'm not the only one who looks in the mirror from behind before a purchase!) your SO lucky to have a friend like Lori! can I come? HA - J/K

Jenn said...

You're so cute, Angie! And knit pants? Uh, no. . not for anyone!

I'm such a dork, I posted that banner, and thought, I know I've seen one with SU! stuff somewhere, too, before the ones they showed at convention, and now *smack* I realize that *duh* you showed this at Milette's deal, right? I never really got a good look 'cause I was in my own world, and don't know if we even met then when we were in the same room and I'm just BABBLING here. . . I'm such a dork! I love your work, and your fun sense of humor. One day (Milette's next thing?) we'll have to meet so I can hug & congratulate you in person!

Anonymous said...

that's crazy cute, girl!