Saturday, August 18, 2007

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My Scrappy Friends

Just checked my emails and Beverly sent me the photos of the pages she and Lori completed last night, soooo cute! Just had to post them before I dash out the door to see No Reservations. Anyone seen it? I hope it's good, I love that little girl from Little Miss Sunshine who's in it, wish I was her mother, WEIRD, I know!

This is Lori's niece Lauren, whose 4 going on 14, and about to have a new little sister or brother any day now. Don't you love that hair blowing in the wind?!

This is Lori's nephew Robert Jack. I'm pretty sure his dad is not going to be happy about this page! She got that banner "wear cute flip flops" from some Victoria Secrets mailing and saved it. How clever is she?

This is Beverly's husband and darling twins Brennan and Emmalee about to jump in the lake. Don't you love this page? The big flower and brackets and the colors are just perfect with lake pictures!

This is Beverly's son Brennan again, getting "ready for the pool". I'm not sure if this borders on cruelty to children, but it's darn cute and funny! (Okay, Beverly informs me he did this himself, which means he's darn funny as well as darn cute!)

More good stuff tomorrow, my Scrapbook Sunday that I'm trying to do with Beate AND fabulous challenge cards from my Stamp Club members! Night! Night!


Rose Ann said...

Those are some super pages! I don't scrap I can really appreciate these. Adorable pictures too! ;)

Kim said...

I love the pic of getting ready for the pool. It looks like something my daughter would do too!

AJ said...

Tell your friends~ fabulous pages!! I need to scrap more!

beate said...

Wonderful pages! Thanks for sharing them with us.