Sunday, August 26, 2007

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Scrapbook Sunday #2

Happy Birthday, Lori!!

Here it is, only the second week of my scrapbook challenge for Sundays, and I'm already cheating! lol! Since today is the birthday of my bff Lori (and since I had no time to stamp or scrap this week...that back to school work is killer!), I decided to share a page I made a few years back celebrating Lori's 40th birthday bash (Elvis came and everything!). The page uses a lot of retired stuff, it was originally made when I was a display stamper for the 2005 Convention.

I *think* I'm about ready for school tomorrow! The "to do" list is much shorter now anyway. I've got a few hours left to work on things before 11 guests come to Stamp club at 2:00, then Lori's birthday celebration tonight at 6:00, so it's going to be a fun, busy day! Hope you have a great one too!


Lori said...

Well of course I have to comment on this scrapbook page!!! Has that already been 3 years ago???? Oh my gosh! That brings back memories of a fun party! The whole purpose for scrapbooking!!! Thanks Angie, very nice post of you!!!

Love Ya!!


beate said...

Wow....LOVE it! What a great page and the journaling is awesome.

It's not really cheating, because if it was, I am cheating too. LOL

I hope you have a great first week back! Hugs

Tara said...

cute...Love birthdays...and birthday parties!!

AJ said...

Fabulous!! Good job posting another page!! The fold down wallet is very cool~ I did one also...will have to keep up the momentum!
Good luck being back at kids have another 10 days until they start!

mahoneyb3 said...

That scrapbook page is fabulous - You really captured the moment! I love your fold-down card on it - what a great way to get a lot of pictures on a smaller page!

Stamp Camp today was awesome as usual - I love the projects and am THRILLED that my name was drawn for the challenge we did earlier this month! I love the prize too - you are so creative and thoughtful!

I'm looking forward to next Stamp Camp!