Friday, August 24, 2007

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Pick A Petal a la Vellum

Happy Friday! Thought I would share this happy flower card! It's (another) Dare to Get Dirty challenge I did a few weeks ago (as my stamping has been suspended this week) for labullard's challenge: dry embossed vellum. I don't think I had ever done this before, it's so fun and easy!

I stamped the Pick a Petal petals on vellum card stock in black Staz-On. Then you turn the vellum over and lay it on a mousepad or something cushy (I used the paper piercing mat from Crafter's Tool Kit as my piece was pretty small), and you dry emboss along the stamped lines with your stylus. It kind of makes a cool indent in the vellum. Then I colored in the petals on the back side with the Pixie Pink marker (I've been neglecting the Bold Brights terribly!).

I finished it off with the scallop edge using the slit punch and some 5/8 inch wide grosgrain ribbon. Oh, and also a round chipboard circle sponged with Certainly Celery craft ink, then heat embossed with Iridescent Ice embossing powder. I never did add a greeting, but decided I could also add something inside when I need to customize a card "in a pinch" (which is frequently for me!).

Thank you so much for your nice comments lately, especially when I was a little on the "whiney" side! You made me feel so much better. That "whiney" makes me think of a car ride to work one morning this week with dh, (keep in mind I am NOT a morning person), and he had a different word for me...
dh: "I like you, even when you're bitchy."
me: "I like you too, even when you'"
dh: "Ouch! That was low! That's a LOT worse than bitchy."
Hee! Hee! But he always manages to make me laugh, even in the morning. (He, as you probably gathered, is a morning person. He even whistles...and I want to rip his head off.)

Sorry I had no time to put in links today, or a recipe. I was up until 1:00 a.m. (no time to stamp, BUT I did use scrapbook paper and supplies!) and have to leave the house by 6:00 a.m. to stop at Kinko's before work. Yikes! The classroom is coming along very well now, I'll share pictures soon! Have a happy Friday!


beate said...

Your card looks great! Had to laugh about your little dialog...It's vice versa in our house. I am an early morning person and spend at 10 p.m. Rick can sleep until noon and stay up until early in the morning.
Love your vellum card. I don't neglect the Bold and Brights, I purposefully ignore them. Except for Pixie pink and in some occasions Real Red, they could all be discontinued and I wouldn't mind at ALL.
Have a great weekend! Hugs

Jenn D said...

That sounds like a conversation DH and I would have too. I am always better at the comebacks than he is and it drives him nuts. I am NOT a morning person either.

I used to love getting my classroom in order. The beginning of the school year was always my favorite. I'd organize until my heart was content and I loved filling in the little blocks in my lesson planner. Maybe someday I'll have my own classroom back again. Are the kids there yet? Or is that next week? We started on Tuesday.

I love your card. I have to add Vellum to my order list. It keeps getting longer. I neglect my bold brights too, but I try to pull them out every once in a while. I love Beate's Comment - "I don't neglect the Bold and Brights, I purposefully ignore them." I had to LOL!

Lori said...

Very cute card and looks like a cool technique with the vellum...Vellum is what I seem to neglect! Maybe I should pull it out!!