Tuesday, August 28, 2007

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Survived Day One!

What a great day it was! My students are so wonderful, I know it's going to be a great year. I even got all emotional and teary after I took them downstairs for lunch and PE, just realizing how much I love this school and these children. Maybe it's about that time of month or something, because I also got teary while reading the story about Rosie, the visiting dog who visits the sick and lonely! (After she visited Bill in the nursing home, he started talking again and would even eat again finally...some Jell-O like he used to feed his dog, I mean come on, that's heavy stuff!)

On a happy note, I kept forgetting to mention that they announced our new principal last Thursday, and he's awesome! He had been the head of the ESL department, and he's so knowledgeable and sweet, like a granpda. He's been super supportive and doing anything he can to help us, so we're all adjusting and feeling very good about things.

Now to stamping, (I promise this won't become the *teacher* blog, okay!) I had to post this fabulous card by Cheryl Rhodes, one of my Stamp Club members, that she made for the challenge last month. Isn't it great?! She came to Stamp Club on Sunday and brought it with her. I love the pink with the kraft, and the embossing really adds a nice texture to the rest of the "rough-natural" look. This month their challenge included paper and accessories for a 6x6 scrapbook page. I can't wait to see what they come up with.

All you bloggers out there, don't give up on me for reading your blogs either! I promise I'll be back, hopefully I can catch up Tuesday and Wednesday night, now that I'll have my routine going. I just checked my google reader (Do you have that? It's awesome...you add your favorite blogs and it tells you when there's a new post so you won't miss it!) and I'm showing 94 new posts to read! Arggghhhh! I'm a wee bit behind, but I will read them all, as my obsessive-compulsive behavior compels me to do so!

Have a terrific Tuesday!


Lorie said...

You are the kind of teacher that every parent wants for their child! Where are you at so we can move there? :o)

Great card!

Lori said...

So glad to hear that your first day was a good one!

Cheryl did a great job on her challenge!


AJ said...

I don't have google reader...I will have to check into that! Tell your stampers~ great cards!!

Glad you survived your first day, and hopefully my sons teacher is as heartwarming as you are!!!

kathleenh said...

Ooh, I'm loving that pink and kraft together too! I love the way she stamped the flowers and then cut around their shape.

margaret said...

I'm so glad you're first week is going well - your children are very lucky to have such a creative teacher!