Monday, August 13, 2007

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Find the Humor

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I actually didn't do any stamping on Sunday after all, *shock*! I started working on school stuff, *double shock*! The boss at the school called and asked me if I would teach a mini-lesson at the new teacher's training this week on classroom management/discipline during group activities. (DH said what's the big deal, you just yell "shut up and get to work!" Ummmm, no. Scarier yet, my Mom added the advice "Or I'll rip your little arms off!")

But, I did come up with some super-cute projects I'm going to make for my classroom this year. I got everything ready to complete them at a Crop I'm going to this Friday night. (You've probably noticed I don't usually scrapbook at's too much stuff to haul and scrapbooking is too hard and I can't do it while being social, and I GOT TO BE social!)

Okay, on to the card. It ended up nothing like I had planned. I finally cut out my new school set, Elementary Essentials, on Saturday. I was trying to do the Dare to Get Dirty challenge for Leslie Rich's Out of the Box, where you cut an image out below where you stamped it so part of the design hangs off. I've never tried it, and I wasn't too patient with it. So I cut out these scissors with no idea of what I was going to do with them. Then I rolled the wheel very crooked. I was getting frustrated with the whole thing and didn't like it.

So then I had the idea to use the imperfections and combine it with another challenge, BadSherry's Find the Humor, where you try and make something funny or silly to go along with your regular stamps. So this is how it turned out, kind of blah, until you open the inside and find the humor.

What do you think? I'm sure DH won't see it as he never reads my blog. I'm kind of *cheating* but decided it also fit the Dare to Get Dirty challenges for Toy's Limited Supply challenge making a male card using non-traditional male stamps with no blue or green, PLUS, it works for Jacksonbelle's challenge to make a brown or black card. Four challenges in one card, neat-o!

I've actually made two anniversary cards now, another I posted on Splitcoast last week for Genie's Clear Stamps challenge. It's using one of those $1 stamps from Michael's "Prepare to be Amazed". I never knew what to use this stamp for, then decided it might be appropriate with a "Happy Anniversary" inside. I think it also fits the Find the Humor challenge, because believe me, after 17 years of marriage, I doubt he's going to be amazed come October 27!


Tracey said...

Your DH and mom made me giggle! Have a great day! ~:-D

Stamper Gail said...

I love that stamp. I sent it to a friend who does amazing work for commission and thought it would be great to stamp on the packages of submissions she sends in. Your cards are adorable and funny too!

Tex said...

Woooooohoooooo! Principal's Pet already! You go girlie!! *grin*

And WOW! I LOVE that anniversary card! It would be perfect for DH next month! He would LOVE it, and I'm sure yours will love it too!!


AJ said...

The yellow card is just SUPER! I Love everything about it!!

Tandra said...

Oh I LOVE the scissors card!! 'Frayed around the edges'! How cute is that! I love t hecrookedy wheel! At first glance I thought it was wooden boards!

Jenn D said...

I always found it harder to give a presentation in front of my fellow teachers than deal with Behavior Disordered teenagers all day long. I'm sure it will all go perfectly and if it doesn't you can always yell the "Shut Up!". LOL!

I am in love with the Elementary set and I have to start getting them as soon as I get home from vacation. I think they will make the cutest projects for my oldest's preschool class this year.

Great job on making a card you didn't think would make par work. Those are always the best.