Sunday, September 9, 2007

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Scrapbook Sunday #4

Just barely made it! Can you tell that I take my crazy self-imposed challenge/deadlines seriously?! I sat for a good 3 hours after my Halloween Stamp Camp (which was great by the friends and customers are SO wonderful and fun to be with!) ended staring at some pictures and paper and couldn't come up with anything. Ugh! Hate it when that happens. I think it was a combination of being dead tired and being distracted by watching t.v. (Did anyone see that new show on HBO..."Tell Me You Love Me"? Talk about RACY! Don't watch it with any children around...maybe not even with your husband around!).

Then I saw this adorable picture of my niece Emma, scrapped the other project (for now), turned the t.v. off, and got busy. I seem to have an easier time working with girl photos and flowers, I don't know why, and it doesn't seem fair to my darling nephews!

Anyway, while visiting the family several years ago, I saw this photo my father-in-law took of Emma and I loved it, so he printed one for me. It's 5x7, but it does look kind of small on this layout. I may need to go back and add some more "stuff." Sometimes projects look so good right in front of you, and then when you see the photo, you're not so sure. Maybe it's always a good idea to take a photo, so you can see the project from a different perspective? I wonder. Any artists out there know?

Okay, while proofreading this post, I just got a great idea (I's late...I could be wrong) of how to change this layout. If I rework it and repost it next Sunday, does that still count for my Scrapbook Sunday Challenge?!

For real (my students got me saying that..."For real??"), I must go to bed...or else the precious children will suffer tomorrow! *wink* Sweet dreams!


AJ said...

Leave it!! I love it! Don't add to it- it works great the way it is!!!

Sara said...

OMG what an adorable photo and the page is great too!
I swear I have to start this sunday challenge sometime! Need to get caught up soon before baby comes. Oh well, are we ever "caught up"?

Lori said...

Leave it alone!!! It works just like it is!!


Pam Downs said...

I love reading your blog! Not only are you a stamping Goddess, but you are really funny too in a very cute kind of way. :)

I love your scrapbook page.


Nancy Riley said...

Sweet layout! Your niece is just precious! Great photo!

beate said...

Gorgeous page! How did I miss it last week?
Can't wait to see your page for today. LOL