Saturday, September 22, 2007

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No Stamping Required

Yikes! Did I really say that? No stamping required?! When I was playing around last August (that makes it sound so long ago, which is how it feels!), I made this background with the Cuttlebug Snowflake Embossing template that I received from my wonderful in-laws as part of my birthday loot. I had planned to use it as a background, but then fell in love with how simple and beautiful it looked on the plain white card stock. The soft blue ribbon has been in my stash forever, it was one of those $1 spools from Michael's. I liked how the sun was streaming through the window on the card in this shot.

Well, yeaaaa, the weekend is finally here! I hope it's a good one for everyone! I took a 3 hour nap when I got home last night, from 7-10:00, then got up and tried to catch up on my blog reading. My google reader was at 184! Yikes! I got it down to 24 by 1 a.m. Not having internet service for 4 days is the pits! Who knew (well, I knew) that I was so addicted to the Internet?!

I'm very excited, I actually get to work in my stamp room today! I *have to*, to get projects ready for Stamp Club tomorrow! Yeaaaa, for *have to*, I'm afraid I wouldn't have or make time for it any other way. (I just get so consumed/obsessed with school stuff.) I started 2 projects last Saturday night at the crop, so just need to put the finishing touches on them. Of course, I'll have to unpack all the crop stuff first, ugh! How did that not happen for a whole week?!

Okay, ta-ta for now! Have a Super Saturday!


Lorie said...

Wow! That is super beautiful! Thank you for the would make a lovely wedding card with the textile embossing folder in velum on the brides color for the card base. Did that make sense? Anyway, I'm going t give it a try! Thanks, again!

Jenn D said...

This is so elegant looking! What a wonderful card and it's even better that you didn't have all of those stamping supplies to put away afterwards *snicker*. This really is gorgeous.

beate said...

Beautiful card!
You tire me out just listening to all the stuff you do! LOL
I hope you get everything done and get time to play for the scrapbook Sunday tomorrow. No pressure or anything. LOL
I haven't gotten to stamp all day. First stamp camp, then shopping for a new big TV. Early Christmas present for Rick and I.
I have started on a page, but only got the basics down. I hope I get it done for tomorrow. Hugs!

Nancy Riley said...

Beautiful, elegant, and easy-to-do! GREAT card, Angie!!!

AJ said...

fabulous! sometimes less is more! Who am I kidding, I am always a less is more kinda gal!!! ;)