Sunday, September 23, 2007

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Scrapbook Sunday #6

Schwooo! I just finished up a page...with 5 hours to spare! lol! I've been playing with thise photo of our nephews Jackson and Noah with Nick for several weeks now, but could never get it right. Today it just finally clicked!

Of course, now that it's all glued down, I see it all needs to be scooted up a little on the page, but oh well! And I didn't add the boys' names (I need to find a place to do that, because when I'm 97 and senile and looking at my scrapbook, I'll want to know who those 2 cute youngsters are!). And the question mark dots look too little and light compared to the heavy Nick....can you say "never satisfied"?!

The weekend turned out quite enjoyable. I finished up the stamp club projects yesterday (forgot to take a picture, will post that later), prepared all the materials, etc. and had some time to "veg out" and get caught up on Internet surfing. The house is clean, the errands have been ran, the laundry is done, ahhhh, peace for a few moments. Am feeling torn between stamping more OR grading papers (I know I should, I know I should, I know I should) while watching a movie with dh. Hmmmmmm....

Hope you have a wonderful week!


Jenn D said...

Hmmmm, tough one, but I'd pick . . .

stamping over grading. *wink*

I love this page. I think it looks great. I love the color combination on it. Want to do my scrap pages too? LOL! I'll get to them someday. I just have an issue working with a full 12 X 12 piece of cardstock.

AJ said...

great page... know what you mean about never being satisfied...I have decided my pages are always temporary...until I am content with them! You should definitely can always grade papers!!(or assign less classwork!!)

Nancy Riley said...

Very cute page, Angie! Your "thinking outloud" in your post just cracks me up! I do the same thing ... start questioning why I did something AFTER taking the photo, while posting! Are we EVER satisfied with you own work?

beate said...

Wow! YOU are Wonder Woman!
LOVE THAT page! LOVE it! are so creative. That question mark is simply awesome!

Tex said...

Goodness! Look at all the great projects! It's obvious that your club must just love you to pieces! Kudos, kudos!!

(and yes ... now it's officially FRIDAY!) yaaay!