Sunday, September 16, 2007

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Scrapbook Sunday #5

Wow! I can't believe it's already week #5 for our Scrapbook Challenges! And I especially can't believe I'm still always desperately searching for something to post...or make quickly! lol! So this week I am kind of "fudging" a bit.

This is clamshell packaging that I repurposed into a 3-D scrapbook item. (That counts, right?! Come on, it has a picture on it!) I got this great idea from this post by Tia Bennett on Two Peas in a Bucket this summer. I used one of my Cuttlebug diecut packages, it was perfect for it! Some of those hard plastic clamshell packages are impossible to open without destroying!

By the way, this beautiful little girl is the daughter of my bff Cindy in Kansas City (we were bff's since going to the same babysitter since we were born, then all through school, lived together in college and after, etc until I got Mom always said when we got married we'd live in adjoining duplexes), and it's either Morgan or her twin sister Brooke. But I think it's Morgan. Hmmmm, if you're reading this Cindy, let me know!

Also, I did not heed your advice, and I changed Emma's 12x12 page from last Sunday by hand-stitching a flower shape on it. Doh! I've been going back and forth on which way I like it better. In person, I like it better before. But it doesn't look as bad in the picture here (I think?!). So yes, I'm cheating and posting it again for this Scrapbook Sunday!

Finally, I went to a Daisy D's Crop at Recollections last was fun, but sad, because our friend Margaret is moving away to Phoenix! Boo! Hoo! It was an emotional drive home after saying goodbye, knowing tha she wouldn't be at anymore crops and stamping events with us. It's a good move for her, though, and I am excited for her...just sad for us!

I had to post one of her pages, my favorite from the night, with her nephews using the Rock Star stack paper. Margaret can make some pages! She always gets so much done (unlike some!). I'll be sharing some more of her pages and Beverly's pages during the week (since I'm running out of personal material and have no more time to stamp it seems...thank you, girls!).

Yes, I did not finish one item last night. I arrived 1 1/2 hours late (because of writing bleepin' lesson plans...I should post that 14 page document that eventually took me over 8 hours to write!) with NO cutter and NO adhesive. Hmmmm...cutter and adhesive...kind of important items, don'tcha agree?! It's not like I have 5 cutters at home and could keep one in the car! Ugh!

Then between the eating and shopping and feeling sick from too much eating and shopping, (OMG...Beverly made the best homemade brownies with icing I've ever had!), it was time to go. C'est la vie. And now I wonder why my shorts are too tight today!

Okay, enough of that. I have to finish grading papers and get them entered into the computer by midnight, work up some lesson plans for the tutoring I am starting now two nights a week, prepare all the "hands-on junk" needed to go along with those lesson plans, and wash a massive pile of laundry (thinking of you, Beverly!). Oh, I miss those good old summer days...sigh. Have a super Sunday!


AJ said...

Ok, so I loved the page of Emma the way it was, but the stitching is fabulous, and is just the right amount of the something you were wanting!! Very nice, I would had totally screwed that up! And about the RAK's, on SCS there is a RAK group (and a bloggers RAK also!!) we joined with lists of names/addresses.
Or you can pm the person too!
Hopefully with tutoring being added in, you can find time for stamping!!

Nancy Riley said...

Angie, Love your altered clamshell packaging! Very cute! I also like BOTH versions of your scrapbook page! You quit stressin' yourself out over your blog material ... we'll all still be here when you have the time to post all your wonderful work! You truly have a full load! Send your friend Margaret my way when she gets to Phoenix!

My Paper World said...

I love your work! Youve created some great projects!

mj albright said...

Very very nice Angie!
Hope all is well.

Nancy Riley said...

Angie, I received my OnStage today, and YOU are in it as receiving an ARTISAN AWARD at Convention!!!!! Since I didn't go to Convention, this is news to me. Now, I read your blog every single day ... did I miss something? Why aren't you tooting your own horn, girl?! That is an INCREDIBLE honor! CONGRATULATIONS!!!! The Happy Spring garland you made is absolutely adorable and totally deserves the award! You ROCK!!!! Toot toot toot away!!!!

Joanne B. said...

WHat a gorgeous page! Love it. I've got to get better about scrapbooking... I've become a crazy carder and the scrapbooking has suffered. HOpefully visiting here will get me back in the swing of things....