Thursday, July 5, 2007

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I've been tagged!

Okay, I'm a bad blogger...I got tagged on Monday by Sara at Desperate Stamper and again tonight by Jennifer at Sunflower Stamper, so I thought I better go ahead and do it! Thanks, girls!

Here are the rules:
* I must post 7 random things about me
* Tag 7 other bloggers to do the same.
* Post rules and the bloggers I tagged here.
* Leave tagged bloggers comments on their site so they know they've been tagged.

7 Random Things About Myself

1. I detest mustard. I hate the smell and freak out if it's anywhere near where I'm eating. If my husband comes home and kisses me, I can tell if he's eaten mustard sometime during the day. When I was a child I told my Mom I was going to run for President so I could outlaw mustard...she said I'd never get elected running on that platform.

2. I love Jane Austen, have read every one of her books at least a dozen times and watch every Austen-inspired movie every time it comes on t.v., even the hokey ones like Bride & Prejudice.

3. I was valedictorian of my high school class. Okay, it was a small class, 63 people, but still, right?

4. I don't have any children, but one super-perfect, precious dog named Nick (see picture above). My Mom worried we'd end up one of those "weird couples who doesn't have children and gets a pet and gets all weird." I would have the tendency to dress him up and take his picture with Santa, but my husband reels me back in.

5. I don't cook. I bake. I can do it, follow a recipe and all, I just have no desire if there's no sugar involved. *wink* I force myself to cook about 3 times a month for husband's's always chili, spaghetti, or tuna casserole. Luckily, husband likes to cook and is a saint.

6. I seem to change careers every 20s retail 30s interior design & furniture 40s school 50s ?

7. I'm not good at playing games. I'm competitive enough that I hate to lose, but I feel guilty and keep apologizing when I win. Either way, it's not pleasant.

Okay, now I tag:
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Anonymous said...

So you "tagged" me huh!!
I don't know what this about being really new to the world of blogging.
I have seen this "tag" before sent to me and have no clue what it means.
Give me some time to research (it is really late right now 2:30am here in PA) and I will definitely reply:)
Forgive me those who I haven't replied to....I'm not a snob. I just don't have a clue:)

Anonymous said...

Oh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!
So this is "being tagged"! hahaha Let me just say that you & I share a lot of common things! (Thanks for the heads up on the "mustard thing" ..hahahaha)

Okay .. I'll be "thinking", as long as it doesn't "hurt". *grin*


Tracey said...