Saturday, July 28, 2007

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Birthday Card from Pam Downs!

Is this not the cutest birthday card?! Pam Downs sent me this card and I just adore it! It's so happy! I love the colors she used and how she used the ticket corner punch and brads on one side. So adorable! I don't think she has a blog (yet!) but you can see her fabulous artwork on Splitcoast here. Thanks, Pam!

**I wrote this and had it ready before Convention, but I have to add something. (Yes, I should be in a recruiting class right now, but I'm on the internet instead!). I've had the chance to hang out with Pam in person twice this week, and I love her! She is the nicest, sweetest person...she exudes this calm, friendly just know she's the kind of person who would be your best friend! So Pam, I think you should move to Dallas! It's only a few hours away, right?! ;-)

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Jennifer Aviles said...

I agree! Pam is a fantastic person! Happy (belated) Birthday (doh, I stink at sending out cards!), Angie!