Sunday, January 4, 2009

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Project 365: #3 & #4 and 2008 Holiday Review Top 10 List

More Project 365! I decided I would post a week's worth on Sunday evenings, to kind of contain the non-stamping/potentially-boring posts to one per week! lol!

Project 365 #3, January 3, 2009: The recycling container was full, so I had rinsed these cans during the week and absent-mindedly lined them on the counter as I emptied them. I got a 12-pack of this new flavor while in Missouri: Black Cherry Vanilla Cream Diet Pepsi, ummmm, good!

Project 365 #4, January 4, 2009: Yes, I got the new Janome Sew Mini from my fabulous in-laws for Christmas! I took it out of its box this afternoon and gave it a whirl, it is awesome! First time sewing through cardstock, the tension was perfect! It was a thing of beauty!

I haven't discussed my holiday trip much on my blog yet, but the other day I started composing this list and saving it. I thought it would make it easy to scrapbook about later...if I had photos to scrapbook (see #4).

2008 Holiday Review Top 10 List:

1. An iPhone cannot survive an extended swim in a large cup of hot coffee.

2. If you leave Texas and it's 70 degrees and arrive in Missouri and it's 8 degrees and you're just getting over a cold you've had for 2 weeks, forget about it, you're going to develop bronchitis.

3. Playing Taboo and Pictionary with your dh and in-laws while drinking margaritas is a blast!

4. If you're feel a little Scrooge-like and only take 59 photos, you'll be punished when you get home and your computer eats those 59 photos and can't get them back.

5. You realize you're lucky you got a man to marry you when your 5 year old niece tells you while playing paper dolls that your doll's outfit is "NOT appropriate for a date!"

6. Doing crossword puzzles with dh during a 9-hour car drive is great fun, and maybe worth doing not just when you're stuck in a car together.

7. Texting with your very cool, soon-to-be 13 year old nephew who just got a cell phone and unlimited texting is a blast and an excellent way to stay in touch long distance. (Note: can come to an abrupt halt when #1 occurs!)

8. You appreciate Starbucks a little more when you can't pop out and get it in 5 minutes.

9. No matter how old you get, no one takes as good care of you as your mom when you are sick.

10. No matter how much someone fights you on it, INSIST that they use a lid on their cup while in the car (see #1).

There you have it...good times, good times! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs and happy stamping!


Michelle Tech said...

Oh NO! I read every word of your post (as I ALWAYS do) but I can't get past the iPod dunk! So sorry! Never mind that you were sick, too...

~amy~ said...

Woooo Hooooo for the janome...sorry about the iphone..

Ann said...

#5 made me laugh and #1 made me go "ouch!" TFS :D

Peggy said...

Love your blog - visit it often!!
I understand that if you leave electronics stuff out in the sun for a day or so it will eventually dry out - might be worth a try! Are you going to die cut those cans? -I am seeing lots of cool projects with die cut colored alum cans - maybe some different sized hearts?

Donna Baker said...

oh gosh - too funny! glad you had a good time with those games & margaritas! don't like pepsi but that drink sounds yummy! next time do Mad Libs - those are more FUN than crossword puzzles!

Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I'm jealous. I don't get my sewing machine until my birthday. I'm enjoying the photos.

Stephanie said...

I am usually just a lurker but I had to comment when I read #9. I live in AZ & my mom in IL and I always wish she would fly out when I'm sick!

p.s. I'm doing project 365 too! Good luck!

Nancy Riley said...

Angie, you're hilarious! This is so well written. Thanks for making me laugh tonight!

SueB said...

Loved the list - thanx for the grins! Hope all's well in your little corner of the world ... and all may not be lost w the photos - I've had stuff recovered from hard drive crashes by savvy PC buddies. Maybe check w your local PC repair folkes?

Tina said...

Thanks for sharing your trip, a certain JOY even with the mishap!

Anonymous said...

great top 10 list! hee hee!

Brooke S said...

So jealous!!! I have been looking at buying one for my DD for her b-day and she seams excited about making projects for herself and friends.. And buying one for myself to keep in my studio so I don't have to use my Bernina...

Your top ten list is great I enjoyed reading it!!


Marilyn said...

Totally enjoyed your top ten holiday moments - hilarious - you must scrapbook these!! Although I'm sure the iphone thing is not so funny - ouch!!

Anonymous said...

I only get on occasionally and have never added my comment. But since you included my kids and things that I knew directly about, I thought it was fair game to commet. It was one of our best Christmas' ever even though y'all were sick and Eric had to have surgery. Thanks for coming home and being the best aunt (and uncle) ever. We love it when you come home.