Friday, January 2, 2009

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Project 365: #2

Here's #2...Royal Doulton blueberry china. Our grocery store, Albertson's, had been giving out little stickers with grocery purchases for months and long story short, we got 7 free place settings. You had to redeem your stickers by January 6, so I went today and got them. Not sure what to do with them now, I really don't like the pattern. My father-in-law suggested donating them to charity and claiming the retail value for a tax write-off, which seems like a pretty good idea. Any other thoughts?

p.s. Thanks for the comments and the warm words on the first photo! FYI, those are the boxes (except the waffles) that I take to school for lunch! We can cook, Donna, (although I choose not to, hee! hee!), my dh is a great cook! The waffles are for when I work late and when I don't like what he cooks...they were buy one, get one free! lol!


Suzy Tyler said...

Hahaha...I finally got a full set of eight! I actually love the pattern. I bought all of the accompanying pieces, with the exception of the coffee cups. My Albertsons ran out. :(

Donating sounds like the best thing to do!

Bumbles and Fairy-Tales said...

LOL! Great pic :)
Donating sounds like the greatest idea!

Unknown said...


Love your cards!

Looks like they are selling on ebay!

Juanita said...

I can't do the shoot 365 project, I am coming to the realization that your house has more naturally occuring artistic opportunities than mine.