Thursday, December 27, 2007

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Stamp Club Rejects

No finished projects to show, so thought I might as well show the pile of rejects! At the SU Convention last summer, Amy Y showed a great presentation, creating with type, and she did something like this. She showed how to lightly trace a circle around the center letter (hers was the background monogram lower-case a) and use that pencil line as a guide to stamp letters in a circle; when done, erase the pencil line and perfection! Not so much with mine! I could never get one I liked...couldn't get the spacing right on "happy birthday"...trying to be clever with the "TU" but decided it looked stupid...thought about switching to "TY" but was too tired of it by then, ugh! On to Plan B...whenever I think of it! lol!

So dh takes me out to the movies again today and to a few shops to think about spending some of the Christmas gift cards we received. Keep in mind, we're going to the $5 movies playing between 10:30 - 11:00 a.m. He decided to brave Sweeney Todd, and I have to say it was really good. Loving Johnny Depp, like I do, definitely made it easier! One reviewer had said the gore was comparable to Saw, which is totally untrue. Saw is just like gruesome, grotesque torture and mutilation (in my opinion anyway). In Sweeney Todd, it was always a cut to the neck, and yes, the blood spurted, but more like in an exaggerated cartoon way (I still kept my eyes mostly closed during those parts).

The best part was that feeling like you've just been to see a Broadway musical. After leaving, I was in full-singing, narrating-the-next-events-of-the-day mode. Does anyone else do this after seeing a musical? For example, we were looking for the Chili's in the area (I still had an unused gift card I received from my company LAST Christmas), so I'm singing "Where is the Chili's, or where can it be?...Is it near or is it far?...I see it! I see it!" Of course, it's hard to get the full effect without hearing me, just try to imagine it! *wink* Dh had a good laugh anyway!

Ta-ta for now...need to head back in the stamp room and see if I can come up with that Plan B or maybe a Plan C!

Recipe (sad as it is) Stamps: Letterpress Alphabet, Typeset Lower Alphabet. Cardstock: Whisper White. Ink: Not Quite Navy, Old Olive. Accessories: none (ha! ha!)


Tracey said...

I do that too! ~:-D

Donna said...

I am intrigued by Sweeney Todd because I saw a stage play of it when I was a little girl. Of course no spurting blood. They kept it all as a silhouette behind a sheet. I just remember falling in love with a little boy who was in the play! Ha

Jenn D said...

What an awesome idea! I may have to try the circle thing myself and I don't think yours look bad at all.