Saturday, December 15, 2007

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Aloha! No, I'm not in Hawaii, even though one could draw that conclusion from my lack of posts. (Get that drawing conclusions? 3rd grade TAKS teacher talk!) So why Aloha? Well, I'm going to use my microscope slides the one above that is assembled with sticky strip and microbeads...BUT I'm going to be learning how to solder them!

Prepare to be jealous...I'm heading off to the studio of TexasGrammy, aka Bev, the soldering expert!! Whoo! Hoo! I received a soldering kit several years ago for Christmas after I fell in love with the art of Sally Jean, but I've never attempted to try it by myself. I'm so excited to be learning today!

Is my tree decorated yet? No. Have I bought one Christmas gift yet (including the ones that must be mailed to Missouri?) No. Do I have stacks of paper to be graded before grades are due Monday? Yes. Is my house a mess? Yes. Am I worried? No. When TexasGrammy calls, you go!

I'll share the (hopefully wonderful) masterpieces I made tomorrow! Have a super Saturday!


Donna Baker said...

ooh - jealous, I want to learn how to solder! this is going to be so nice! tell Bev hi!

Bev Gerard said...

I am SO TICKLED that you came over to play and to solder, Angie!! I'm still smiling huge smiles. It was such a delight to have you here "IRL"! We will HAVE to do more while you're on holiday break! Thank you, oh thank you for coming!!

~Bev / TexasGrammy

AJ said...

yea for you!!! This sounds like fun!
Wish you could teach me now!! Can't wait to see your fab stuff!

Donna said...

Hey...just had to check out your blog after you checked out mine! Ha You are a very talented card artist.