Wednesday, December 26, 2007

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The Last Christmas Card

...for a few months anyway! You know I like making Christmas cards year round, but I'll try and lay off for awhile now. I made this card yesterday with my new Winter Jelly Cuttlebug embossing templates. (Am I the only one who feels they must use the Joann's coupon on something when they go?! And they're catching on to me and putting the magazines at 10% off so I can't even fall back on my normal standby!) I had this scrap of Dashing paper on my desk, plus the Real Red card all ready to go, so it just worked out. Did I make my Stamp Club projects? No. Did I made my new catalog preview set swaps (that need to be mailed tomorrow)? No. Arrrggghhh!

But I have seen a few movies. Sunday we saw I Am Legend. LOVED it! (I am a science-fiction, end-of-the-world kind of girl, though.) Dh wanted to see Sweeney Todd, but he's been waffling due to reviews of excess gore. So today we saw The Golden Compass. It was perfectly fine, just formulaic and following the current trend as of late. (I'm sure you could say that about I Am Legend too, but I LOVED it!)

On the rented video, or I guess I should say dvd now, front I watched two movies, the first being Chalk. I'd never heard of it, it just caught my eye with me being a teacher and all. Plus, the box compared it to the style of Waiting for Guffman and the Office, both highly positive in my opinion. I thought it was really funny, but I don't know if others would. Dh thought teachers and their spouses would think so.

The other rental was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End. I loved the first one, the second one was okay, but I last saw it July 2006. I didn't know what the heck was going on in this one. And it ended still not being finished. Whatever. Oh, and we watched Flags of Our Fathers on HBO. That was very good, but a real tear-jerker. Now you see why I haven't been getting much stamping done. lol! It's okay, I've been catching up on my rest and will soon be rarin' to go!

What have you seen recently? Which chick flicks do you recommend? Dh won't go see those, so I'm saving those for the girlfriends. Okay, happy stamping or movie-watching or just vegging out to you!

Recipe Stamps: Oops! There are none! Cardstock: Real Red, Old Olive, and Dashing DSP. Ink: none! Accessories: Old Olive Brads, Crafter's Tool Kit, Dimensionals, Cuttlebug Winter Jelly embossing template, and DYMO label maker.


Donna Baker said...

cute card! you're funny with the Joann's coupon. We saw Pirates this weekend too! I wasn't sure what was going on at first either...couldn't remember the 2nd one! it turned out good, though. We're watching the Office on DVD, season 1 & 2 we just's hilarious! oh we saw Deck the Halls this weekend, Danny DeVito & Ferris Bueller (forgot his real name) it was funny

JenMarie said...

LOOOOOOOOOOVE this card!!!!!!!!

vina said...

i saw chalk and thought it was funny. i do think only teachers will get the inside jokes and sarcasm of that movie though. chick flicks i recommend: stardust, stranger than fiction [dh may be able to hang in this one as it is pretty funny], and i'm going to go see 27 dresses wih my sister today - it's sneak preview night! can't wait for sunday!

Jenn D said...

What a cute card! I love the center medallion.