Tuesday, June 24, 2008

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Vintage finds aka little treasures!

Warning: not stamping related, but will be back later today with stamping!

Happy Tuesday! Thought I would share a few vintage treasures with you today! When I was organizing/cleaning/purging my teacher mess last week, I was looking for a place to store some more junk and noticed an old antique suitcase in my bedroom, perfect! I bought it in on one of our trips to Missouri when we had the car (instead of flying...I learned the HARD way about antique shopping when flying when we first got married and I bought several LARGE items that were either carried on the plane or shipped back to TX and DH about divorced me!), which I realized was December 2006. When I opened it up, I found all these treasures that I had sort of forgotten I had stored inside the suitcase. Click here to see individual photos over at flickr if you like.

There was a yummy box of ephemera that I investigated more closely yesterday. It's from a drugstore in Mexico, Missouri, and mostly filled with canceled checks, bookkeeping reports, some litigation documents with Butterick Pattern Company, etc. But my favorite part that you can see on top is "Prohibition Reports 1928, 1929, 1930". Inside are these reports that documented all the medicinal alcohol sales...what they were, what the alcohol content was, etc. So cool!

Mostly I'm posting this because I found a great blog last week that you will love if you're an antiquer/junker, etc. It's called Fresh Vintage and is written by Colleen, and let me tell you, she is HILARIOUS! When I read the bottom of this post about her dad and electricity I was laughing so hard, tears were running down my face.

Okay, I better get moving this morning! I'll be back later with something stamped and some blog candy for passing 50,000 hits! I had been watching, but then it kind of snuck up on me and I missed it! Thanks for stopping by!


Tina said...

Hi Angie! I'm not much of a collector because I have "limited space filled with my own shall we say ~ STUFF" but i do love old letters and such. These papers look fab! Last year after my dad and one of his brothers passed away my favorite cuz and i went through letter from their mom while they were in the service. Funny comments about family members and spending money she didn't want their dad to know about! HA! Times may change, I guess peeps don't! Thanks for sharing!

Silli said...

Hi Angie..., this is great. I love old papers and co...:-) Have anice day...:-) TFS:-)

Michelle Tech said...

Angie, I love your taste in blogs! I just added freshvintage to my Reader...I love it!

Anonymous said...

Hi Angie - Thanks so much for mentioning my blog. I'm glad I could give you a laugh at the expense of my fried bangs. Love your finds, by the way!

Karen Kelly said...

Oooohhh...it's always nice to find some treasures you've forgotten about! How fun!

Lori said...

ok, How could you have been keeping these treasures from me all of this time??????????


Donna said...

How fun! I can't wait for you to come meet me in Missouri for a blind date of junking! I love that old stuff. One day when I was out scouring, I found some paperwork from a dating service out of Kansas from back in the 1930s. It was like Match.com depression era. There was an application, a welcome letter and profile descriptions. I used them on a couple of the 7Gypsies Nottinghill papers.