Friday, June 6, 2008

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Amazing Art from Ms. Nguyen

Warning: not stamping related!

I had to share this most amazing and thoughtful gift that one of my fellow third grade teachers, Ms. Nguyen (Vina), made for me and had the students sign in secret! Isn't it incredible?! It's a painted canvas with a picture of the third graders and teachers on it. The students came out of P.E. one day a few weeks ago telling me they had a secret. I bugged them about it for awhile (I'm bad!), but then things got so busy I forgot about it. I was blown away when they gave it to me yesterday. She also made one for Ms. Myrick, but I didn't get a picture of it, darn it.

Here is a picture of Vina after her class went down in the tug of war. This was taken after about 3 students crawled off of her, ouch! What spirit she has, right?! I think she had the smallest students out of all three classes, so they were toast in the tug of war. But don't feel too bad for them, they were FAST and won everything else, even winning the overall trophy, the Silver Swine, for the highest points of any class on Field Day. Go Ms. Nguyen!

I was hoping to have a card to share today, but I'm having trouble leaving the school phase and entering the summer phase (I know, blasphemy!) and finding my stamping mojo! Myrick, Nguyen, and I had such a good year together and with these students, it was very special. They're not coming back to our school next year, and I'm not teaching third grade, so it's feeling very sad. I decided to accept an RtI position within our school where I'll be working with small groups of struggling students. I feel good about my decision, but it was still difficult packing up my stuff, knowing I won't have that classroom (that I painstakingly painted two years ago!) with my own students next year. But I'm very blessed and it's all good, so I'll be back tomorrow with some new *hopefully* fabulous stamped stuff!

Thanks for stopping by! Have you stamped something today? (I know, I'm a hypocrite!)


Tina said...

Bless your heart. I admire teachers, I get attached to the little sweethearts too, and I've only taught in Children's Church. I can identify with the transitional fret. Praying the transition is quick and your summer's spectacular. Here's to summer, sun and shade!


Donna said...

Love the photos! It's a loss for the next group of third graders that you won't be teaching. But HOORAY for the kids who need extra help because you will be an answer to someone's prayers and will make a huge lifelong impact in ways you can't imagine.

Anonymous said...

I am sure you will be happy with your choice, you seem to really have a heart for the 'tough' cases. That canvas is great.

Anonymous said...

Could you send directions to your scrapbooks -- that would be a great project for my 5/6/7's. If you email me directions that would be wonderful? 'Thanks

Lori said...

What a wonderful gift that Vina made for you! I love it! I know you will cherish it forever.

Angie, you will do great no matter what job you have! No need to worry about that. You have had such a great year and it has come to an end. Another door opens next year!

vina said...

ms tieman! i heart you so much and am glad that you liked the gift. thanks for bragging on me on YOUR blog. makes me feel special! *blush* can't wait to get the team together soon after myrick does her road trip with her dh! =D you will be a blessing wherever you go!!!

Karen Kelly said...

What a precious gift! I love the little messages the kids wrote to you--what a treasure!

Tara said...

how cute!!! What a super fun idea...I love the little bird in the corner...he's cute!
Sounds like you had a fun group...I have always said I would love to teach but I can't because I would be way toooo emotional in every aspect! So I understand why you are feeling sad. You are awesome!!!
I guess I will wait patiently till you are stamping again! :)

Donna Baker said...

that's a precious gift, Angie! so thoughtful of her, it was so cute what the kids wrote. I bet you will miss your classroom, but you will find other blessings in this position. It seems like it will be more focused one-on-one time!