Sunday, August 19, 2007

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Stamp Club Challenge #1

My Stamp Club members just started a new round of club, running from July - December. I thought it would be fun to start a monthly challenge for them. Every month I will give them a different challenge, maybe materials, a sketch, etc...and they have until the 15th to mail me their submission. I'll post their submissions, and then at the meeting, we'll draw a name from the challenge participants, and they will win a prize! Fun, huh?! I thought it would be, I hope they think it is too!

For July, they were each given a bag with the contents pictured above: a chocolate chip card, 4" x 5 1/4" piece of kraft card stock, a piece of twill tape, a vintage brad, and a narrow strip of chocolate chip card stock. They could add anything they wanted to it, they just had to use these materials. Five members participated and these are the cards below. I think they did a FABULOUS job! The materials weren't exactly exciting, now were they?!

Beverly's card: love how she added the Au Chocolat paper and "dirtied" up her twill tape piece with chocolate chip ink!

Lori's card: love how she made the opening with the oval punch for the twill tape to peek out from, sooo clever, and used the rectangle punch to "thread" the chocolate chip strip of card stock like a ribbon!
Margaret's card: you know I'm crazy about polka dots, so love this, and then the stamping all over the twill tape, and the floral paper gives it such a cute shabby chic look!

Milissa's card: love how she added the bright stuff to this, it really brightened up these dark supplies! The greeting fits SO perfectly on the twill tape and don't know if you can see, but the little strip is paper pierced, so cute!

Valerie's card: love how she made it a sea card with the Crab set, the little eyes & popped up hat, and especially the little "flap" to lift open up the kraft piece...laying the little chocolate chip strip on top of the twill tape, pure genius!

So what do you think? Are my Stamp Club members freakin' talented or what?!! And it was sooo fun for me to get cards in the mail as they arrived! (The real question: do I keep the cards or give them back to them?? hmmmmm, tough one! lol!) We meet again this Wednesday night and next Sunday, so can't wait for the next challenge!


Lori said...

This is so awesome! Everyone came up with such different ideas for the challenge materials! This was a lot of fun!


Lorie said...

What a wonderful idea! Your club members did a great job!

Nancy Riley said...

Great idea! I bet your club members enjoyed the challenge and the fame of having their artwork posted on your blog! They all did a FANTASTIC job!

Anonymous said...

What talented women you have in your stamp club!!

This really was a lot of fun, and I love the idea of the challenges; seeing what different ideas we come up with from the same starting point. Also keeps me motivated to be creative.

Love your blog, BTW. I'm reading it daily.