Thursday, August 2, 2007

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Do the Hula

Happy Thursday! It's almost Friday! And I have Diet Vanilla Pepsi now, so all is good! Below are pictures of another of my Artisan Award cards. It was hard to see all the details when it was posted on the board at Convention, because it opens up several times. I woke up with this idea one morning and got up and started making it. I try to think of ideas as I'm falling asleep because supposedly you're at your most creative then. They say to keep a notebook by your bed, so you can jot down your ideas. I've always been too lazy to do that, but I do find if I brainstorm for ideas while falling asleep, I usually wake up with them in my head. Anyone else do that?

This is the front of the card. The bashful blue card stock is the normal size 5 1/2" by 4 1/4". I used the paper cutter to cut away a small section of the top so you can see the layer underneath. Use the sanding block to smooth out the top edge if it's not perfect.

On the inside, I added another card in Certainly Celery. The 8 1/2" x 11" sheet was cut in half at 4 1/4" and then scored at 5 1/2". Then I trimmed off about 1/8" on both sides so it would fit inside the blue card better. It swings open to the left.

This is a close-up with the little tags spread out. I'm usually a *simple* stamper, so this took several times of me going back to add more stuff to it. I used Office Accoutrement, Typeset Alphabet lower, Everyday & Expressive Flexible Phrases, Do the Hula, It's a Date, Crosshatch, and "You're Invited" from one of the All Year Cheer sets. There's lots of ribbon, brads, eyelets, etc. I'm not a big water-colorer, so I used the Pure Color Pencils. I love the way they color images, I just wish we had them in more colors.

For the inside, I printed the invitation information with one of the journaling font cds. I can't take credit for the cute writing...I did a google search for "luau invitations" and found the words on an invitation website. At first I had used our real address and phone number, but dh saw that on the computer screen and nixed it! He's much smarter and more practical than I am! But I'm glad because the imaginary address 1247 Beach Canyon Dr. sounds more ideal for a luau, don't you think?!

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Mandy said...

So amazingly creative! I am constantly inspired by your blog. I love the address! It works perfectly!

oh, yea...and you have been tagged. Check out my blog to see what to do!