Thursday, August 30, 2007

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New stamps: Autumn Apparitions!

I just LOVE this new stamp set, Autumn Apparitions from the new Holiday Mini catalog that begins September 1. I can't believe it's almost September! This set has such a great old-fashioned feel, I couldn't resist it, even if it does have a short life, I know I'll hang on to it. I added the harlequin stamp from All in a Row for the faux stitching, a la Beate. The faux stitching reminded me of Frankenstein, with sort of a sewn-on body part look.

I also snapped this picture to show how exciting it is to receive your new stamps from the Holiday Mini...since they are ALL die-cut and ready to go immediately! They are so easy, look great, and die cut so well, it's awesome! (Sadly the little Merry & Bright still has not seen ink yet, arghhhh!)

School is going great, I love my class. They are so bright and enthusiastic. I was at school 12 hours Monday and Tuesday, then 10 hours Wednesday, and I totally forgot how exhausting that was...I can only come home and sit like a vegetable, with a little drool running down my chin! lol!

I've started a little "favorite quotes" book this year so I'll remember things my students say, and my favorite from yesterday was this question, "Why is your hair flat on one side and curly on the other?" I laughed so hard! It was asked in such sincerity. Ummmm, that would be because I slept on one side and it got smashed down!

Have a terrific Thursday!


Lori said...

The quote book is an awesome idea! The "hair" question is too cute! They ask it just the way it is!!!! Glad the week is going we11.


Lori said...

Forgot to comment on the card! I LOVE it and I LOVE those stamps! May I borrow them!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Angie....that is funny!
Love your card! I guess I NEED that set as well. *sigh*

Jenn D said...

I love this! I love how you used the stitching on the card and that you used so many stamps from this set on it too. What a great Halloween card.

Tara said...

LOL...I love what little kids have to say...they are so open and honest! :)
love the card...I like how you did strips and used so many of the stamps from the set...great way to fit them all in!

MJ said...

That is exactly what I love about children. They can sure bring a lot of joy to our days.

I love the card too. Great layout and use of stamps.

Nancy Riley said...

I am still laughing out loud over your student's comment about your hair! Hilarious!!!! BTW, your Halloween card is GREAT!

AJ said...

Yea for new stamps!
I love your card...glad you found time to stamp!! Can't wait to see what you do with this set!