Thursday, January 1, 2009

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Project 365: #1

As I was catching up on my Google Reader, I read a post by Kazan here about Project 365. She read about it from Margie here, who also read about it from other people, etc., and Becky Higgins has info here. It's basically about photographs and journaling. The photos and meanings and goals seem to be different for each person, but I thought it was a cool idea and I had just happened to take a picture of our freezer on the morning of the it seemed like destiny!

Why a picture of the freezer? We had just stocked up on groceries on New Year's Eve and dh put most of them away. When I went to get a glass of ice for my diet soda breakfast on the 1st, I cracked up when I saw the "tower" that dh had built in the freezer! It's like a piece of art, like a sculpture...there's no way I can remove any of it!

Anyway, I thought the Project 365 might be a cool project to try. I like the idea of scrapbooking our everyday life, the boring bits. You forget so much stuff as you age, it might be fun to look back on 2009, say 30 years from now! Plus, we don't have kids, so there's only so much material I have to work with, ya know! I don't know if I'll be able to keep it up...I have trouble sticking to things...and most days are pretty boring, so I'm not sure what I'll be photographing, but I'll give it a go! Are you up for it too?


Marie said...

Looks like fun!! Good luck with it - I know I could never do this. I would forget to take a picture, for WEEKS, I'm sure!! :) Oh, and whoever is the Lean Cuisine fan, I've recently tried some of them and REALLY like the Rosemary Chicken one. You should try it ;)

jules p said...

This sounds really neat. I have two children at home, but we are still boring. I have always laughed and said THAT should have been our last name. ;)
But taking pics of the "boring" things sounds like a neat idea. I am game. I will try it.

donnapiranha said...

I had to crack up twice about this photo. Once for the sculpture and once for the fact that you guys eat out of boxes!!! Ha
I think someone needs a cooking class. ;-)

Juanita said...

Your freezer looks very different from ours (we have 2 kids), but I do keep it pretty orderly!

2stampis2b said...

I'm doing Project 365 too! I think it will be fun to look back on.

diana said...

I am doing the project too...I am posting pictures of my son to our flickr group, and taking photos of self each day, but not really posting those anywhere...great to have so many doing the project. I have added a page to my blog just for it...TFS your great pic...Diana Happy New Year.

Jenn D said...

That's such a cool idea! I do love the tower he built. Maybe I'll try the Project 365 too. I guess I'll have to take photos besides of cards though.

When I get the Wii fit you can come and visit! I still haven't found it in the stores though.

Margie said...

Great pic!!! LOL!
So happy to hear that you jumped in on the fun :)
Good luck!

Tara said...

love, love this idea!!! :)

Tina said...

Ok, not intention of scrapping 365 ~ believe me ~ noone would be interested~ HA! But I currently have a freezer "stuffed" with J Craig and veggies. I wil post it but just because, i start off trying to be neat and then just start cramming!

denise:) said...

Hey Angie- too funny on the freezer stacking- bet he's good at "tetris"?
I'm doing the project365 as well - and there is a list of 365 ideas listed on the creating keepsakes magazine - -

to help you overcome the "i have nothing to take a picture of" blues! good luck!!!