Sunday, October 21, 2007

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RAK from AJ!

Thank you, AJ! I love your spooky Halloween card! I received it on Friday, and it totally made my day! If you haven't been to her blog The Willow Garden, you must go check it out! She's sooo talented, and she's become one of those online blogging friends I couldn't imagine doing without now! Thank you sooo much, AJ!

Things have been crazy busy, as usual. The last two Thursdays after school I've had to present training meetings to fellow teachers, which was fine, but just one more thing to prepare, they fill out an evaluation on you, so you have to do a good job, using good teacher techniques, etc.! If there was no evaluation to turn in, we'd just go to Starbucks and talk about how tired we all are! lol!

Then Wednesday they had me attend a teaching seminar in Fort Worth about how to teach math to struggling learners. I was hoping to get some good information to teach to the rest of our team, but it was a little disappointing. The worst part...getting things ready for a sub when you are going to be gone...STRESSFUL! I didn't leave school until 7:30pm the night that neighborhood...after dark...which caused a little trouble with dh, but I won't bore you with those details!

I ended up working Saturday from 8-1 at school, thinking that would catch me up. No luck, still worked the rest of yesterday at home and today. BUT, I'm done now and ready to stamp! Whoo! Hoo! I've given up the Scrapbook Sunday Challenge...for now. (Here's why: my father-in-law's and my grandmother's birthday cards were over a month late getting sent...and my Mother's birthday was October 9, and still no card or gift sent to her! Ack! I'm a terrible daughter/daughter-in-law/granddaughter!) So I'm going to focus on cards and gifts first, scrapbooking second!

I'm off to work on birthday gift projects for my Mom and for my two 3rd grade co-worker teachers (who are the BEST and I love dearly!) who share the same birthday tomorrow. I did make them a cake, and it's going to have little scallop party toppers, I'll try to remember to photograph it. And, I need some stamp club projects FAST for this Wednesday night and next Sunday! Their challenge cards have started rolling in, which means more good stuff to post soon! Yeaaaa!

Stamping wishes and hugs to all of you!

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AJ said...

Yea!! Glad it came!!
Sorry things have been busy for you, same here....Something has to give, I decided it's the housework! You- maybe you should quit your's interfering with your stamping time. Your husband will understand!! ;)