Sunday, October 28, 2007

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True Friend Mini Album

This is the second project my Stamp Club members are making this week. The top picture I photographed at night, so it's not as good, the ones below I took this morning, so hopefully they're a little better.

I've seen this project around for awhile, but then again recently on Patty Bennett's blog...thank you, Patty, you were a life saver this month!! The textured River Rock base is 6x6, so it can fit inside the SU 6x6 envelopes, perfect for gift-giving! I was so happy I finally had a chance to use my new True Friend set! This was my first, and only so far, attempt...hope to have more time to play later.

Now, for scary school stories. Let's just start by saying I have a new appreciation for all you moms out there. My kids have always gone to PE right after lunch, which has always worried me a little. Well, Coach ran them hard on Thursday in a race/contest. When they came back to my room, they were all complaining (which is normal and frequent anyways), but I sent them on their normal bathroom/drink break. Two of them came back, crying, telling me they had thrown up on the bathroom floor. I kept them in the hallway, standing over the big trash can, patting their backs, wiping their faces with cold wash towels (see, I thought, no problem, I could do this mother thing).

Then they started throwing up again. I started gagging, the stench was awful, but I thought I would be okay. No such luck. I had to shout, "Move over!"...and then we were all three throwing up in the trash can. Man, what a wuss I am! How do you mothers do it?! Luckily another 3rd grade teacher was on conference, so she took over, got their stuff, and walked them downstairs to the secretary so they could go home.

Anyway, I hope I didn't gross you out too badly. I just have to send out some praise and love to you moms out there! I'm pretty sure they don't pay you enough to handle situations like that! Have a super Sunday!


Nancy Riley said...

Thanks for the kudos to moms, Angie! Right back at you ... I KNOW they don't pay teachers enough for all they do either! You didn't gross me out ... I'm a MOM! Cute project too!

Tisha Copeland said...

You sound like you'd make a great mom! As soon as my kids start throwing up, so do I!! We've all had to hang our heads in the tub before it's all over. Never mind diaper poop! I threw up a couple of times over that!
BTW, love the project. I might actually try to attempt it this week.

Tex said...

Awwwwwwwww, Angie!!
What a blechy afternoon for you and for the kids!! Sounds like you did a great job right up until it was your "turn"! I hope someone was there to hand a cold cloth to you too!

Stamp n Sparkle said...

You sound like a wonderful teacher that joined in with the kids so that they didn't feel like the odd ones out. How thoughtful of you ;) Tee-hee!
Just kidding :D it took my DH quite a while before he could stomach (literally) babies dirty nappies! You'll make a FANTASTIC Mum, you already are to a class full of kids! I couldn't handle THAT many- only 2 for me!

AJ said...

OMG~ My son totally got sick in the middle of the night after our Halloween party and puked in his bed!! Can you say disgusting?? Yuk, I *know* first hand how hard it is to keep them comforted with out getting sick your self!!
LOVE your fold out book, so cute, I haven't yet tried one!!

beate said...

Angie, I read this to my kids. I have to admit I laughed hard! I hate the stench of throw up as well. Poor you. I am glad another teacher was able to take them.
Your album looks awesome! I might have to case that. I LOVE it!
Hugs and smiles

Stamper Gail said...

Loved your little story. When I was in grade school and someone would throw up, I like you did the same because of the stench of it. God awful memories!!!!!!

Love your Little album Angie. Hope you are feeling better toots, I heard it's going to be a rough year for the flu.

Patty Bennett said...

LOVE what you did with the project idea!! :) Glad I could help!
Sorry about the "after PE" incident.. ack!

Ashley said...

Angie I would have been right there with you - hanging over the trash can rim.

I'm a paramedic and always join my patients when they puke. My partners think it's funny when I beg them to take these patients. Give me blood and guts anytime - just no puke!

Hope the rest of you afternoon was less eventful.