Tuesday, July 31, 2007

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Scrabpooking, anyone?

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! I'm trying not to think of the fact that I only have 3 weeks before school starts again! Waaaaa! I'm sure it will be fine once it starts, but right now I just don't feel ready. I think I've enjoyed my summer off WAY TOO much!

As I promised yesterday, today I'm showing pictures of the scrapbook pages I made for the SU Artisan Award contest. I think the pages were the strongest of my 10 submitted items, but they were TORTURE for me to make! lol! I do love to scrapbook, but I obsess over the work for hours...days...before sticking anything down. Obviously, I don't get a lot done! It's just so hard compared to card-making for me.

I'll share an interesting bit from my dinner with Shelli, Sterling, Brent & Angie Steele, Amy Yingling, and the other winners (Kelly Han, Kathy Petersen & Mary Jo Albright)...in case you're curious! Most of us admitted to sending in our samples at the last minute, incurring hefty 2-day and overnight shipping charges. I told them I don't work well unless there's immense pressure and a tight deadline on me. Brent said that's true of most creative types. Before the final week of the deadline, they had received so few entries they were worried they wouldn't even have 10 winners. But then that final week hundreds of entries came in. So I'm glad I wasn't the only last minute person! If you're curious about anything else, let me know!


Jenn D said...

Congrats on your Award! That is a wonderful accomplishment. I think the scrapbook pages are amazing. I really have to start scrapping on a more consistent basis. I just hope my pages look as good as yours. Congrats!

Jenn D

Tara said...

cute, cute pages...I love to scrapbook...I did it for years before the stamp bug bit!...now I am a little behind! :) Your blog is cute too...love your work I am super impressed with the tutorial on how to use our square punch for an arrow! :)

Tex said...

Awesome pages, Angie!! Thanks for these delightful close-ups! I figured I might get pulled out of the convention center if I leaned over the ropes any closer to the displays for pictures. *wink*