Friday, July 6, 2007

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My stamping and scrapping studio

I finally did it...took pictures of my stamping and scrapping studio! It's not perfect, but I don't think it's ever going to be better than this, so now seemed like a good time to share. Especially considering I have 2 big Stampin' Up! new catalog orders coming...where are those items going to go?! I'm sure I'll figure something out! *wink*

I posted four pictures here, but you can see lots more by clicking here. You'll see close-ups of items on the shelves, inside my desk drawers, etc. And I included links to the places where I bought a lot of my storage items so you can go see them for yourself.

I was working on installing this as a slide show to keep on my blog homepage here, but right now it has me outsmarted (not hard to do!), so I'm giving up. I first tried it on webshots, then flickr...the whole process has taken me an embarrassingly long amount of time! schwooo! I need to stamp for awhile!

Happy Friday to you!


sherrie everett said...

OMG!!! I absolutly LOVE your room.
I am sooo jealous. I would never leave such an awesome room. And your partner looks very content also :)

Kristina Werner said...

Aw, man! Seeing your well-organized space makes me want to organize mine, too! Or at least dig the desktop surface out from under all the stuff that's hiding it. Yesterday's new catalog order frenzy really left a mark in my office... um, yeah.

Stampin Mandy said...

I am impressed that you even showed us the drawers! I didn't have the nerve to show the drawers! Your room looks awesome!!

Tex said...


I just knew you would have an utterly fabulously organized space! I was soooo right!