Saturday, August 6, 2011

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Lucky You

Happy Saturday! My last *official* weekend off before returning to school on Wednesday! Shocking! (Are you tired of hearing about this yet?! Feel free to tell me to stuff a sock in it!)

Here's a so-so card I have ready to share. *smile* Here's the back story...back in June I posted this retreat make and take card (and see below) that I designed for my friends to make. Well, they didn't all make it, so I had leftover parts for 3 more cards. I decided the other day to challenge myself and make 3 more different cards with the parts. I had a ton of those scallop circles because each flower on the original card required five. Anyway, the other 2 cards are almost finished, so I'll try to post those tomorrow, maybe it will make more sense then! :)

So, I finished up a rough floor plan for my classroom using the room planner on Thomasville's website (it's SO easy, anyone can use it!), because dh didn't really want to move the furniture 12 times until I figured out how I liked it. I guessed on some measurements, so it's not perfect, but it was close enough for us to use, with some minor tweaking, of course! Here it is, just for grins. Oh, and the big box in the corner is a restroom. For the first time ever, I'll have a restroom in my classroom. I guess it's good and will be super convenient, but it will require extensive training in proper use and maintenance! :)
I got about a dozen boxes/tubs unloaded before dh started losing interest, so I'm heading back up tomorrow afternoon to work some more. Yesterday my bff Lori was kind enough to accompany me to Ikea and we found the cutest stuff ever for the classroom. I'm super excited! She also accompanied me there my first year teaching. I didn't have my blog yet then, but you can see the rug she helped me pick then here. Ummm, it's long since been out of commission! ha! Rugs seem to last about 2 years, we'll see if my new one can make it longer!

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs and happy stamping!


Jessie/knightrone said...

Setting up a classroom sounds so fun...jealous!! SUPER cute card, can't wait to see the others!

Anonymous said...

Hey there, I really like that thank you card, and your classroom map. Hope I'll get to see you sometimes this school year! Corinne

Alex said...

Beautiful card Angie, love it!!! I have a friend who asked me to help her with her second grade classrom decor so I am excited :-)


Deanna said...

Great card!

Lisa H. said...

another set of gorgeous creations! looove 'em!

A Stamper's Journey said...

Great classroom set up. I miss doing that part. I am now a reading specialist so my room is much smaller. Have a wonderful school year!