Wednesday, August 13, 2008

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Eastern Blooms Simple Dimple

Ack! I haven't gotten around to stamping yet today! Even with my new order arriving at 9:45 this morning! Ack! I got everything put away and organized (a task in itself) then stuff kept coming up. Ack! No worries, I just got up from a nap and the nighttime is when the magic happens for me. lol! Oh my, I just really cracked myself up with that one! I'm nuts!

Anyway, here's a little simple dimple, but cute!, card so I don't screw up my weekly posting average. Did I mention when I started my summer break, my average postings were an embarrassing 2.3 times per week?! I've been trying to get the stats from Google Reader to change all summer and just last week, it went to 7.0 times per week! Whoo! Hoo! Why is it important? I don't know. Just something I decided on in my head and then obsessed over, that's just me.

Speaking of magic in the nighttime, let me suggest that you don't do this while your husband is in bed asleep:

Me: standing in the kitchen at midnight, looking for a snack in the pantry, am *surprised* to see a can of peanuts because I just finished a can of peanuts the night before. I can't resist the peanuts and was relieved that they were gone. How did they get back?

Me, shouting loudly: "Nooooo! Where did you come from?! How did you get there?!"

DH: sleeping in the bedroom right next to the kitchen, wakes up and shouts out: "Are you okay? What's wrong?!"

Me, thinking "Oh crap, that was stupid, he's really worried about me. I made it sound like someone is in the house!"

DH: shouts back, "Are there ants again?" (Every spring in Texas ants try to invade the house and I go to war.)

Man, does he know me or what? It wasn't ants, but close: peanuts. Later when I go in to bed at 3:00, he's waking up (poor guy, I always wake him up!), and I apologize again for scaring him and making it sound like someone is in the kitchen. He says, "No, I wasn't really scared. I know you're half nuts." At least he said "half" nuts. *sigh* I heart him.

Okay, enough rambling! I'm off to make something new. If I can get enough high voltage lights shining on my creations for a decent picture, I'll come back and post. If not, in the morning. Can you tell I just had a 2 hour nap? Hee! Hee!

Thanks for stopping by! Have you stamped something today?

Stamps: Eastern Blooms.
Cardstock: Brocade Blue, Kraft, Bella Rosa DSP.
Ink: Staz-On Brown.
Accessories: Border Scallop Punch, 5/8" Brocade Blue Grosgrain Ribbon.


Tracey said...

This is so my style it isn't even funny! Lovely! Have a great and creative night. ~:-)

Unknown said...

First of all, this card is really sweet.
Secondly, I nearly peed in my pants reading this post, you crack me up.

Gosh, all us bloggers are night owls. Too bad you don't live closer, we could act "half nuts" together!

~amy~ said...

I love your "simple dimple" card...I love that too..simple dimple :)

Kim Gasper said...

Adorable simple dimple card. Also glad to know someone else wakes up her hubby with irrelevant comments in the middle of the night while staying up too late to stamp.

Tina said...

Very pretty Angie, love the simplicity. Can't wait to see what you do with the new stuff.

Silli said...

Hi Angie, your card is beautiful. I love the simple look...! The flowerstamp is fab...I love it...:-) Have a nice day! Hugs Silli xx

Connie Babbert said...

Love the card, but your story is so similar to mine! I'm always waking up my hubby going to bed late... Sorry I missed meeting you in person at Convention!

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha...good story, Angie! I love going to bed long after the DH has because he's got funny sound asleep stories to tell me. :)

I really like this card. Simple, but darling!

kathleenh said...

I love your simple dimple card! Cute story about you and your dh.

Alex said...

HAH!!! I am not the only one who is a night wanderer - LOL!! You totally crack me up, I almost peed myself reading this!!! Your card is awesome, I love it!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

rozie640 said...

Love the simple clean lines of this card. Angie, in my house it's called "Mom's on Ant Patrol". They little beggars try to move in once or twice a year but the minute I am on ant patrol, I am consumed with keeping them out until they finally give up. They have never over run me yet! I swear if my husband heard a scream from the kitchen in the middle of the night, he too would think the house was now on ant patrol!!! Thanks for the giggle.

Kristin Moore said...

Angie, this is awesome! I love love love it! The colors are the bomb, and love the clean and simple look! Way to go!! I feel a CASE coming on!

Donna Baker said...

phew! glad that ant thing is not just at our house! they've been hanging out on my craft desk for a while now, it drives me nuts! at least they left my cats & dog's food alone now! you are too funny, it's the other way around for us...DH is up LATE playing xbox on the weekends and I end up sleeping in the spare bedroom because it's not pleasant when he wakes me up! your card is awesome, BTW

Catherine said...

your color combination on this card is beautiful, very pretty!

Erin McKinney said...

Your husband sounds hilarious!!
Love the card..the colors are really pretty!

chloe said...

wowee you have been so busy since I last stopped in: So many gorgeous cards: LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!