Saturday, August 2, 2008

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Wow Flowers Swap Card

Happy early Sunday morning! Another late night from Convention, can't believe it's over already! Boo! Hoo! This is another one of my swaps using the Wow Flowers set. Love this fun set, plus so many more from the new catalog. Did I mention the new chandelier stamp yet?! Did you hear that, Amy?! You started my whole chandelier yearnings, you know!

The last general session was awesome! You may have already heard, but UPS (Stampin' Up! is a big client for UPS, you know!) donated the new Ronald McDonald stamp set, called Say It With Scallops, to EVERY demonstrator there! It was so cool, we had just watched a funny "promotional video" about Convention next year, titled Convention Barbie, and these little girls were playing with SU demonstrator Barbies and a UPS Ken doll arrived at the doll house delivering a tiny little Stampin' Up! box.

Then Shelli is talking about Convention next year, and a door bell sound rings and a UPS man walks out on stage with a box. He's trying to deliver a package and Shelli reads the address label and says something like, "Oh, it's for everyone!" Of course, the crowd went WILD! Nothing excites 6,000 women (and a few men!) like FREE STAMPS! lol! Here is a pic of my bff and downline Lori holding up the stamp set:

Now for the really exciting news, I actually won another free stamp set called Organic Outlines! This is the 5th convention I've attended, and it was my first time to win one of the additional prizes, so I was super excited, as you can see:

Besides free stamps, one of the best things about Convention is meeting up with real and online friends. I got to know Mary Jo Albright last year, and I love her to death. She is truly one of the sweetest, kindest people you'll ever meet, and of course, you already know how stinkin' talented she is! We got a chance to visit quickly on Thursday and again on Saturday, so thankful for that!

Okay, over and out for now! I'll be flying back to Dallas soon and will upload more pictures and put some ink to my new stamp sets, can't wait! Thanks for stopping by!


Tina said...

Well it looks like you're having a fabulous time, so happy for you. It makes me hope the new catelog comes quick!

~amy~ said...

WOOO HOOOOOO!!!!! A chandelier?!!!! I cannot wait to see it!!!

Yahoo for winning your Organic Outlines looks like you all had such a blast!

Have a sue-pah Sunday Angie!

~amy~ said...

sheesh, how rude'ola of me...I was so excited about the chandelier news...your Wow Flowers card is definitely ***WOW***...

Nancy Riley said...

What FUN!!!! Look at those free stamps you got! Love this cute swap card, Angie!

I would have been star struck if I would have been at convention meeting Mary Jo and YOU!!!!

kathleenh said...

Hi Angie! Such a pretty swap card! It was so nice meeting you at convention and chatting for a little bit! Lucky you to meet and know Mary Jo Albright! I'm a big fan of hers too!

Congratulatoins on winning a free stamp set! I love that picture of you! I won a free set too! Such good times!

Kerry D-C said...

Your cards is so pretty! Love love love those new papers! I am so diggin' the pic of you being excited! too cute!
Did you like the new chandelier stamp? I am not clear on your feelings about that...LOL!
Just to clarify, I LOVE the new papers, though. :)

Laurie said...

love your card. sounds like you are having a blast at convention!! I hope to get there one day. I can't wait to get my new cattie

Donna said...

I love your "excited" photo! Very cute. It looks like you had a blast.

Oh, and I like your shirt. The pattern and colors are really pretty! (And it goes well with your hair and complexion.)

So was the UPS man a hottie?

Tara said...

fun!! so cool to win a stamp set! I wish I was in that picture with you and stamp heros!! :)