Wednesday, March 5, 2008

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My Glittery Valentine

Happy TAKS day! So glad it's here and will be over soon! Will just have to settle in and wait for the results, arghhh! I made the mistake of saying I wasn't this worried and stressed last year, but dh reminded me otherwise, so I guess it's normal...for me anyways. Did I mention I think I think I'm moving to 2nd grade next year? lol!

Thought I would share the super *quick* Valentine card I made dh this year. He surprised me with a card at 5 a.m. on Valentine's Day, so I had to think quickly ..."Ummm, let's open them tonight after work so we have more time to spend." After dinner, when he fell asleep, I quickly ran to the stamp room and whipped this up. Schwooo! Close one! I colored the chipboard heart pink with a marker, then did the Versamark pad, Heat & Stick powder, then the new clear Chunky Glitter on top. I think you can tell by now how much I love all the new glitters! I have the new ones from the new Occasional Mini Catalog coming soon.

I also have to share quickly that yesterday was my precious niece Emma's 5th birthday! I so wish I could have been in Missouri to celebrate with her! Here we are from some time back...don't you love her voguing for the camera? And for fun, the bottom page is when she was much younger. That photo is one of my first attempts to manipulate photos in Photoshop. I made that page for an entry to be a Convention Display Stamper 3 or 4 years ago (and I know that page is what got me chosen, lol!), and I was so happy to hear from my upline that the page was shown on the Cruise sample boards that year. I saw it posted on a number of websites under Cruise photos, what a happy feeling!

Okay, need to shower and get moving. I did manage my treadmill walk, just barely. Made it about 4 times last week, not great, but it's a start. Still need to make better eating choices at time, but I'm trying!

Oh, and about The Other Boleyn Girl, I did like the movie. I'm a sucker for those historical dramas, loved the costumes. It was a little slow the first half, then felt too rushed at the end. And I don't agree with some of it from what I've they consummated the relationship, the incest bit (yes, she was charged with that, but most historians say it was trumped up by those trying to oust her because she was too influential on Henry and the politics.) At first I thought Natalie Portman was terribly miscast, but she actually did a really good job. If you're interested, they are showing The Tudors season one for free on a DirectTv station, so I've been recording those, haven't had a chance to watch them much yet.

Okay, have a great Wednesday!


Jenn D said...

I your scrap pages. The heart card is really cute too!

Anonymous said...

Well you certainly do "Schwoo" well! I love that clean, sparkly valentine, Angie! And the pages are absolutely precious! (I need to learn to scrap! acccck!)


Tara said...

cute, cute and cute!! I love the simple valentine card! your niece is darling!

Lori said...

Your Valentine's day card is simple and cute! I am sure you were feeling the pressure not knowing what time DH would awake from his nap! The scrapbook pages are adorable as well. Our little nieces are growing up!


Catherine said...

love the simple but very nice and nice LO on your pages =)

AJ said...

LOVE the sparkly heart card! wowsers!! very purty!
get on that treadmill girl!!
you can do it!!