Sunday, March 16, 2008

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Scrapbook Sunday #12

Hi stampers, it's me, Angie! (Dh never should have started that, it stays in my head EVERY time I make a post!) So I went to my Friday night crop...what a weird night...the moon was not in alignment or something...I almost got up and left several times! Yes, I made one stinkin' page, not even a good one, I'll post the picture at the end here. I'm not even going to try and scrapbook at crops anymore, I'm sticking with cards and challenges.

And speaking of challenges, I did have one challenge for the girls at 11:30 p.m. I bought the cutest felt flowers at the Joann's $1 Spot after leaving the CPA's office on Friday morning (after driving 45 minutes to Frisco, you bet I was going to stop at the nearby Hobby Lobby, Joann's, and Michael's!), because I knew they would be perfect for a challenge. Then the scrapbook store had this cutest paper from Paper Salon, so I added some SU Pixie Pink to it and set the girls off on their challenge: to make Easter cards for me to send to my family! Here are our results:

Pretty cute, huh?! I hope you like this paper too, because I've made several more cards with it that will be showing up this week! lol! I bought the last three 12x12 sheets of the Peep paper they had, plus a 6x6 pad of the assorted sheets. You know, with the 10% crop discount, how could I resist, it was practically free! lol!

Lastly, here's the 12x12 page I made of my cousin Kelly and his beautiful wife Mardi. After living in Dallas for years, they moved to Los Angeles last year and I really miss them. He's a musician, you can check him out here. (I lifted a photo of him so you can see how cool he is, lol! He's actually the nicest, sweetest, kindest guy you'd ever meet. He is the drummer in the Rihanna Umbrella video that won the 2007 MTV Video of the Year.) Anyway, I love the face he made in this main picture and how Mardi is looking at him, cracks me up! There's no stamping, used supplies from various past Jenni Bowlin kits. (Someone please help me quit this club, I just can't stop!)

Photo by: Leanna Bates

Guess that's it for today...only a few precious hours left before returning to school tomorrow! {imagine loud sobbing noise here} Hope your weekend has been great!


Tara said...

that is just about the cutest paper EVER...I love peeps...I always have to have one every year!! Super cute cards you gals made! :)
Have a good week at school...we are off this week...I am so excited! :)

Unknown said...

Those are great cards! So creative. I'm so sorry I had to miss the crop this weekend; hopefully we'll get together again soon!