Sunday, February 3, 2008

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Color Challenge 151...and we mean CHALLENGE!

Hi stampers! Here I am, finally posting after trying to get around to it all day! I went to my crop last night, totally prepared to double my output from the last crop...from 2 cards to 4 cards. Alas, it did not happen. I did make 3 cards, though, so it's an improvement, right?!

Back at the last crop, when I posted this card for a limited supply challenge, I failed to mention that it was at the last minute, like 10 minutes before midnight, and I made all of my friends cropping with me do it also. They groaned a little, but did a really good job! So last night we talked about doing another "10 minute challenge" before closing time and start making it a tradition. I really took 15 minutes, so maybe I cheated a little...I just had to get some ribbon, you understand, right?! It is SO much fun, I can't tell you. I'm throwing card stock at them, it's go time! They were not thrilled with this SCS CC151 combo (Yo Yo Yellow, Basic Gray, and Going Gray), but they all did a fabulous job!

Here's Beverly's her "sun" theme with that perfect saying Valerie just happened to have with her!

Of course, Lori announced her card had a name, asking us if we remembered The Partridge Family show (ummmm, yeah, I'm old!), so I'm singing "Come on, get happy!" before she even shows it to us. How stinking cute and fun is this?!

I love this card by Michelva, who was the first one done, by the way. She always makes the most elegant cards. I should have photographed this Valentine card she made with a heart made by basket-weaving ribbon. It was amazing (Michelva, please send me a picture of it, please?! I'm assuming she's reading this, hmmmmm.)

Lastly, here's Valerie's fabulous sunny, beach card. Isn't it so clever? Love the sun she made with the stamp in the center and the silver eyelet. The torn paper and flip-flops invoke the perfect beachy feel, showing you don't even need Kraft and Creamy Caramel for your beach cards. Love it!

Anyway, we had a great time! And apparently I can really crank out a card when I'm under pressure like that, so from now on we're going to have a 10 minute card challenge before the hour, every hour! This way I'm guaranteed to get at least 6 cards made! Hooray!

On a side note, when I awoke last Friday at 5am, dh was watching some old-time movie with knights and warriors and such, and they were shouting "Hooray!" He decided this is the problem with modern-day America, people aren't shouting "Hooray!" anymore. We practiced all morning on the way to work. I tried to get the kids into it when I said "It's time for the Reading test, Hooray!" They did not think it was a Hooray-worthy event, but I'm not giving up, not yet! You try it Monday morning, okay?! Hooray!

Okay, gotta dash. While looking for the Partridge Family song I found I could buy the David Casady "I Think I Love You" ringtone, Hooray!


Anonymous said...

Whoa! I think the ladies did a terrific job with this challenge! Everyone! If I name one, I'll need to name them all, so KUDOS to everyone!


Lori said...

Looking at all of these cards knowing the mad dash that we did to make them is so funny! I love that we don't "fuss" over making a card, we just come up with something quick! And...I LOVE The Partrige Family!!!


RaeAnne said...

i love all of these cards.. and the COLORS are FANTASTIC.. great matches

love it

Donna said...

Very nice cards...I too would have grumbled over the color combination but everyone did a great job. Hooray!!! Hooray!!! I'm going to start saying that more often.

And that's extra cool about the ringtone! I need that.

AJ said...

ok, pleeeease tell me you did not change your ring tone to that song!!!
I love all of the cards~ that color is hard to work with!!

Unknown said...

Okay, I don't know about the rest of the gals, but although I was stressed having only 10 minutes to make this card with one of my not-so-favorite color combinations, the challenge was exciting! I think that the cards look great. Hooray!