Saturday, October 16, 2010

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Paisley Prints: celebrate

Happy Saturday! I'm off to a 14 hour crop, yippee! I'm running a little late, so I guess it'll be more like a 12 or 13 hour crop for me! I hope to work on some 3-D items today, maybe even some soldering! I stayed up late last night to finish grading, sweet relief!

I found another SU Convention display sample I hadn't shared...this one uses Paisley Prints, super simple! Looks like this one could have used some texture on the Blushing Bride part, but I'll blame it on the circumstances...made this one at a hotel when our air-conditioning had gone out! I think Savitri asked me how many we had to make, it was 24...5 cards, 1 scrapbook page, and 2 three-D items. I still have more I haven't shared, can you believe it?!

Have a super Saturday! Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs and happy stamping!


~amy~ said...

Fun card!! Love the stitching!!! Have fun today!!

Savitri said...

Super sweet!! I want to sew circles but each time I try it gets all crazy.

kathleenh said...

Wow! That's a lot of samples you had to make! I love the stitching around the tree.

Juanita said...

Love the pink with the evergreen tree.