Saturday, February 20, 2010

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Sweet Pea Thank You

Happy Saturday! Hope your weekend is off to a great start! This is just a simple dimple little card I made the other night after I finished up this card, had some leftover parts laying around, ya know! I'm loving all the Stampin' Up! Sweet Pea felt and designer series paper from the Occasions Mini Catalog, it sure makes cards come together quickly!

Okay, so the post office story...I probably shouldn't have built it up that much, because it's not that great! ha! I have learned, however, that anytime you go to the post office, you will come back with a "post office story", it's inevitable! A couple of weeks ago an older man went off on a younger man for talking on his cell phone in line, then he went off on the clerk because that self-serve machine only took debit cards and he didn't have one. Note to self: when I get old(er), try to stay up with technology, no matter how hard it is!

So Monday I was at the teacher workshop and we get a long break for lunch, so I decided to go to the post office to mail two packages, even though it was President's Day, figuring I can use the self-serve machine. I get there and, of course, there are no priority boxes at all (that could be a separate rant!). I decide to go to the store and get some mailer boxes/envelopes and go back since I have a lot of time.

I get back and there are now 3 people at the self-serve machine, and the couple using it have a LARGE trash bag filled with padded envelopes to be mailed. They take them all out, there's over 30! (Yes, I count, I'm anal!) I realize there's no way I have time to wait now, but the two men waiting in front of me only have envelopes, and I'm feeling really badly that they have to wait. I'm thinking maybe they just need stamps and I have some in my purse, so maybe I should help them out. So here's how it goes:

Me (to the first guy in line with a business-size white envelope): Is that all you're mailing? Do you just need a stamp?

Guy #1 (looking at me surprised): Yes.

Me: I have a stamp I can give you, if you don't mind it being a Christmas stamps. (I never sent Christmas cards, you know.)

Guy #1: I don't know, it may be too thick and need extra stamps.

Me: Let me see it. (He hands it over.) I think one is enough, but here, take 3 stamps, just in case.

He's grateful, offers to pay, I say no, blah, blah, blah, he leaves.

Now the next guy has a large manila envelope, but it looks pretty thin. He never looked at me or the other guy during this last transaction of mine. So I'm going to leave, but I still feel bad leaving him standing there waiting.

Me: Do you just need some stamps?

Guy #2: Yes, but I don't know how many I'll need for this.

Me: Let me see it. (He hands it over.) It's pretty light.

Guy #2: That's what I thought, but last time it was like $4.00.

Me: Well, I have 7 stamps left. That's like what, $3.00. (I'm not even sure how much a first class stamp is right now!) You can have them if you want to try it.

Guy #2: Hmmm, thanks, but I better wait.

So I leave, but feel terrible that he's having to wait, that couple still has like 25 packages left. Anyhow, that's it. I was telling dh later and he's like "You're not normal, you know. I can't believe you asked people for their letters and they just handed them over to you. (He doesn't really talk to strangers, I do.) I guess that did seem kind of strange after I thought about it, I think it's just all my years in the retail/service industry before teaching. You know, move the line through, move the line!

If you read all that, you're a real trooper!! And now you know what my husband does, I'm not normal! But please come back anyways! Hugs and happy stamping!

Stamps: Teeny Tiny Wishes
Cardstock: Kraft, Sweet Pea DSP.
Ink: Staz-On Brown.
Accessories: Sweet Pea Stitched Felt, Old Olive 5/8" Grosgrain Ribbon, Scallop Edge Punch, Glue Dots.


2stampis2b said...

You're so funny...and the card is beautimous!

Heather P. said...

LOL, I can't believe they just handed over their mail... You must seem very trustworthy! :)

Love your card, too! So sweet and and totally adorable!

Marie said...

That is pretty funny that they just gave you their letters. As for your card - it's fabulous!! Love the colors and the LO is fantastic!

Mary J said...

Angie, what a funny story! My hubby is always wondering how I get talking to complete strangers and how they often tell me quite private things about their lives - he thinks I'm mad! I haven't gone as far to offer them anything though! You are a sweet lady!

Mary J said...

Forgot to say how much I like your card, lol!!!

Shabby Horse said...

Lol. You're funny. You're very personable, too! (it's a good thing.) Great card too!

Liza Yon said...

I think you are v. kind. If you live in Indonesia, you would be normal :) People talk/smile to strangers all the time. Takes some getting used to if you are new here.
I like your card. I like the way you match embellishments and stuff. So pretty! TFS!

sarahjohnw said...

Love your card! I think you are normal for you. :) Hugs, Sarah

LeAnne said...

Your card is sweet and so are you! That sounds like something I would do, too!

~amy~ said...

LOL...trooper here...LOL crack me up and psssttt...YOU are normal...your hubby isn't...jk...about your hubby not being know what I mean...btw, SWEET card!

Oh I've missed still seems to think I have over 1000 posts...good grief, I've been blurfing for almost 45 minutes...this could take awhile..

Savitri said...

You are totally weird! Even weirder for them folks to hand their mail over to them ya know. And Christmas stamps?!?!?! WHAT WHAT?

Ha, just kidding :) Funny funny but I think I'm with the husband here :P

Cute card!

Silli said...

Wonderful...Love the feltflower ans the RIVBBOn.... Hugs Silke

Deanna said...


Sankari W. said...

Angie - your card is gorgeous!! LOVIN that rose felt and the colors - sooo beautiful! And your story was awesome ("move the line through, move the line through..." hahaha!) I can totally believe that you have Christmas stamps because that is all I have too - they were all ready for the cards that I never mailed out - lol! You are not weird at all - and it was awesome to read your story!!! Hope you are having a FABU weekend!!!
Much love
Sankari :)

Diana Gibbs said...

No wonder, I love you...maybe between us we make "normal".
Love the card and the story!


P.S. Hey can I get a stamp? No it's rubber and on a wood block...ha!

word verification: irsouno - use it in a sentence...
I R SO UNO wacky!

Stacey Schafer said...

how sweet are you!? you're husband's're not're nicer...LOL! love that SWEET card, Angie!

Juanita said...

Who else, but a card maker would be qualified to help weigh oversized parcels and envelopes?
I adore ths cute little card.

kathleenh said...

Love your simple Sweet Pea card.

Angie, your not being normal is what keeps me coming back! :)You were being very nice and generous to those two strangers. Something not many people would do.

Anthonette said...

Oh, Sweet Pea! I regret not ordering these. Lovely creation.

Your PO story was funny. Aren't you helpful and friendly? I would love to be in line with you.

I'm with you...I will keep up with technology no matter what. I'm annoyed my PO got rid of the self-serve machine last year. I used to love the convenience.

Winter said...

Oh, I am so glad to hear someone else like me! I do this kind of stuff all the time and my husband thinks I'm being nosey! I tell him I'm just trying to be helpful! We are suppose to treat others the way we want to be treated! I have to read him your story to show him there are others like me! :)
Cute card too!

Julie Marshall said...

How funny...I don't go to the Post Office regularly, but when I do, I also have a story. Last time I asked the post office worker for some tape (as the last worker lent me packing tape). The new worker handed me scotch if I could do anything with that as I held a padded envelope in my hand. You never know what you're gonna get ;) Love this card! TFS.