Monday, March 19, 2012

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Ooooh...a 3D item!

Happy Monday! Hope you had a great day! My first day back from Spring Break wasn't as *hard* as I expected, lol! The kids always make it worth the while! :) However, I would NOT recommend seeing We Need to Talk About Kevin on your last day of break before returning back to school! Yikes! I went with some friends last night, and yes, the movie is good and very well made, but VERY disturbing. But, on to happier topics...

I mentioned I was having my Christmas gift exchange with my girlfriends last night (it was SO worth the wait!), so I thought I'd share one of the gifts I made my friend Lori. I started out with a purchased "L" monogram hanging from Michaels, then I jazzed it up! See the original state below:

These friends go all out on their packaging and wrapping, and I'm always a "throw the gifts in a gift bag" kind of girl, so I thought I would surprise them with some fancy wrapping! ha! Here's how it looked wrapped on the package:

Okaysies, I'd better skedaddle and get back to some school work. Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs and happy stamping!


~amy~ said...

Jen said...

oh, SO fun!! that glitter makes my swoon!!! is it german glass?? love it...i beg your friend was super excited!!!

Cindy Major said...

Soo beautiful! Wow!