Sunday, September 25, 2011

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Classroom Tour!

School is kicking my b*tt, argh, but I finally have pictures of my classroom to share! I actually got them a few weeks ago, but am just now getting time to post them. We have a new, rather complicated policy on taking pictures in our classrooms, but I'll spare you the details! :)

This is my classroom in our new building! These were taken before school started and before I was completely done, and I've already changed things (of course!), but you can get a feel for the space. I do love my room, and it's a good thing since I spend more time there than anywhere else! ha!

Love my pennants! I found the idea here. Around the whiteboard are these adorable teddy bear lights from Urban Outfitters, although they don't seem to be on their website anymore. They look so awesome turned on with the lights dimmed! The new Ikea red rug is super soft too, and the kids love it!

The plain black part in the next picture is my magnetic, chalkboard that I made for my old classroom. Now it looks more like this.

Next is this wall area, next to my Guided Reading table. Even though I teach math/science, all teachers teach one hour of Guided Reading, so I still need to have a space for reading strategies, etc. My green "bulletin boards" are twin flat sheets from Wal-Mart for $5, a Pinterest idea!

My Guided Reading table is to the left here, you can't see it, and these tables now hold the 6 student laptop computers. Nice! The two bulletin boards here now have Science posters on them covering things we've been studying...lab safety and the scientific method. Fun stuff! The blue bookcase is full of math manipulatives, games, etc that the students can play with. To the right is a blue locking cabinet for supplies and a restroom. You can barely see the super cute curtains to the left, also from Ikea.

This year our school is working to join the "No Excuses University" and really push college awareness. Every classroom "adopted" a university and ours is Texas A & M at Kingsville...the Javelinas! I cannot tell a lie...I Googled Texas colleges and picked my top 3 choices based on mascot colors! lol! I just couldn't risk purple or orange and brown!

Below is the favorite area of the kids...the library! I got the cool canopy thing at Ikea, it kind of inspired the whole room. I cleaned this old carpet the best I could, it's had 2 tough years already! ha!
Below is behavior stuff, class rules, class jobs, and not shown is a birthday cupcake graph poster we made the first week of school. The door is the entrance to the room.

This pic is by the front door entrance, there are two blue bookcases that hold lots of frequently used supplies. The silver box holds our classroom "clickers" to use with Smart Board software, very cool! You can kind of see the teddy bear lights better here, although they are not turned on. See the little white signholder for 99 cents from Ikea? It's going to hold something like this. So many ideas still, so little time!

Another view of the front:

Hope you enjoyed the classroom tour! Like I said, it's very different already (and much more full with walls covered!), so I guess I need to start the process of getting more photos taken!

Hopefully I will stamp again someday! In the meantime, thanks for stopping by! Hugs and happy everything!


~amy~ said...

Whatta great classroom...fabulous job!!!!

Lori Craig said...

What child wouldn't want to sit a spell in there??? Great classroom. Tell me about your MIZ-ZOU poster? :)

Debra said...

What a great room! Ikea yet... things have sure changed since I was a kid..

Juanita said...

That is a fun looking classroom. My kids teachers did not put in near as much effort as you seem to [they are still great classes, full of smart and fun people. They just look a little more boring} Maybe they lack your crafty gene.

Unknown said...

you make school look so FUN!!!!

Linda Callahan said...

Sigh.....I miss my classroom! I love taking a tour of yours - it looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing your pictures :)

Kristin Moore said...

Oh my gosh, I want to be in your class!! Those kids might not even realize how lucky they are to have a superbly creative soul as their teacher! Way to go!

Margaret Moody said...

Love the pics of your classroom, Angie! Love your banners, too! You've inspired me to make some for my classroom! Looks like your school year is off to a great start! Hope it's a GREAT one for you and your kids! Take care! : )

Savitri said...

Fabby classroom, Angie!!! Love the buntings and also the tent above the shelf!

Nicole B said...

Hi Angie-
Classroom is beautiful! I hope you're having a fantastic school year! I stop by at least once a week to see if you've posted some of your stampin' inspiration. I miss your posts, and your artwork...always so much FUN! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and hope you'll be back soon~