Wednesday, August 4, 2010

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Just Believe: 3D!

Happy Wednesday! How about a little 3-D action with the Just Believe stamp set?! A little gift box with removable lid.

I don't remember too much about it, sigh. I had saved the sheet with measurements for awhile, but then I cleaned up and it seems to be gone. It's one of those simple boxes with the lid made just a tiny bit larger than the box. I decided the edges needed more detail later, so I added strips with the scallop edges on top. Now that I see it photographed from above, it really doesn't look very good! I should have disguised that better with some cool blanket stitching or something.

Anywhooo, let me know if you have any questions about this. Which reminds me, dh asked me not to say "anywhooo." Isn't that odd? For the most part, he thinks I do no wrong (it's true, I told you he was a saint!), but this bothers him. Now I find it very hard not to say it ALL the time! (Insert evil grin here!)

Actually, maybe I just think he thinks I do no wrong, because the other day we were talking and he was saying some seriously funny stuff. Then he noticed me writing on a piece of paper...

DH: What are you doing?
Me: Writing this down.
DH: Why?
Me: So I can remember it and put it on my blog.
DH: I don't wanna be on your blog. (Think of Jerry Seinfeld saying "But I don't wanna be a pirate!)

Now, where's that paper...

Oh yes, found it. Remember this chair I bought for $5 awhile back? It was supposed to go in my craft room. I wheeled it in late that night and left it in the living room. Well, it looks dang good in the living room! I know, crazy! But our living is all brown and cream and believe me, it just works. So here's how this conversation went:

DH: Did you put that chair in your office? (I think "office" indiciates that the activities performed in there could possibly result in income some day.)
Me: No, I'm leaving it in the living room.
DH: But it's an office chair.
Me: I know, but it looks good.
DH: But it's an office chair.
Me: I know, but it's amazing how it's brought new life into that tired, old room.
DH: Here's what's amazing, how the monstrous cliches roll out of you.

Isn't he funny?! See why I wrote that down? Now let's just hope he doesn't read the blog anytime soon and keeps on thinking I do no wrong. *grin*

Thanks so much for stopping by...and putting up with my ramblings! Hugs and happy stamping!


Brandi Wiggins-Côté said...

He really *is* funny. You should keep him. ;)
Love your gift box! Beautimious, my friend!

Hugs, B.

Cindy Major said...

hahaha, you are both quite funny, actually!

LOVE the box! What a great idea, stamping that circle from Just Believe in various colours and punching it out in different sizes. I like it! :D


Jenn Diercks said...

I love your conversations with your DH. They always make me chuckle.

Your box is beautiful! I love how it turned out.

Deanna said...

Gorgeous girl!

Tenia Nelson said...

This is really cool!!!

Juanita said...

This little box is perfect.
I love the conversations you and dh have. he must walk away shaking his head....

kathleenh said...

You two are funny together! Teehee. Love the box. The bright colors with the espresso is yummo!

ktstamps said...

I love this's awesome...your blog is cute. I would love to have the measurements of this box, can you email me with those...if you share them. It is the cutest thing I have ever seen! Thank you! kt

Savitri said...

Is he Brit? :P
My husband sometimes think I try to make him do stuff just so I have a blog story. I don't -- I mean if I do it's nice but it's not required. He doesn't mind being on the blog as long as it's not something too sweet. He's got a thick skin so anything can go really. I do do wrong so there's no angel in front of my husband :P