Friday, July 25, 2008

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Happy Friday! Just a quick post to thank a few gals who tagged me this week! I admit I've been terrible about tagging in the past, I can't seem to keep up with it, so I thought I'd better thank them now!

Vickie over at Stamping Ever After and Marilyn over at Stamp with Marilyn passed on this Brillante Weblog award to me, thank you so much!

Jeani over Stampin' in Paradise also tagged me with the Facts Tag where you post 7 random things about yourself, thank you, Jeani! I did this once before last July, and it's harder than you think, so I'm going to cheat and repost the things I posted then. Feel free to skim over if you read it last year or skip entirely if you have better things to do! lol!

7 Random Things About Myself

1. I detest mustard. I hate the smell and freak out if it's anywhere near where I'm eating. If my husband comes home and kisses me, I can tell if he's eaten mustard sometime during the day. When I was a child I told my Mom I was going to run for President so I could outlaw mustard...she said I'd never get elected running on that platform.

2. I love Jane Austen, have read every one of her books at least a dozen times and watch every Austen-inspired movie every time it comes on t.v., even the hokey ones like Bride & Prejudice.

3. I was valedictorian of my high school class. Okay, it was a small class, 63 people, but still, right?

4. I don't have any children, but one super-perfect, precious dog named Nick. My Mom worried we'd end up one of those "weird couples who doesn't have children and gets a pet and gets all weird." I would have the tendency to dress him up and take his picture with Santa, but my husband reels me back in.

5. I don't cook. I bake. I can do it, follow a recipe and all, I just have no desire if there's no sugar involved. *wink* I force myself to cook about 3 times a month for husband's's always chili, spaghetti, or tuna casserole. Luckily, husband likes to cook and is a saint.

6. I seem to change careers every 20s retail 30s interior design & furniture 40s school 50s ?

7. I'm not good at playing games. I'm competitive enough that I hate to lose, but I feel guilty and keep apologizing when I win. Either way, it's not pleasant.

Now to pass the tag on...I tag all the people on my blogroll to the right! And if you're reading this and not over there yet, consider yourself tagged too! *wink*

Thanks for stopping by! Have you stamped something today?


Alex said...

You crack me up - tuna casserole, YUK!!!! Good thing you married a saint *wink* *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Tina said...

I on the other hand like tune casserole and just don't cook. So, could you set another plate?
1 downside, i like mustard.
But I won't bring any when you invite me for tuna!
On another note ~ I also managed retail in my 20's ~ HALLMARK of all stores ~ can you believe it?

Donna said...

That was very entertaining and I loved your link about your competitiveness!

Way to go on the valedictorian thing! Still...YES. Good job.

I prefer baking also, but I do try to cook dinner most every night. It can't be an option with a ravenous teenage boy in the house!

I like plain yellow mustard only. (Not fancy mustard.) Can you still like me? Ha

Anonymous said...

I was valedictorian in my HS class of 6. And not because I had the best grades either. I was somewhat elected by my classmates to give the speech. That's an even better honour in my book.
Oh and ditto on the mustard. Gross. Though for some strange reason, honey mustard sauce and salad dressing is ok for my palate. Love tuna casserole too. One of the few things I cook. Hubby does most of the cooking here too. Were we separated at birth? :)