Friday, September 17, 2010

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Dark and Dreary

Happy Friday! My head is killing me, I'm exhausted, and I see no possible way I'm going to make it through this day, but I'm still saying: Happy Friday! ha!

Here's a super quick share...the swap card I made for the Stampin' Up! Regional Event in Fort Worth last weekend. I used my new Glimmer Brads, so I had about four different color versions of this card with slight variations. I'm definitely ordering more Glimmer Brads, they are even cooler than they appear in the catalog!

Okay, ta-ta for now! Off to school to celebrate Constitution Day! I'll leave you with this song that has been in my head since I started planning the lessons last weekend:

Thanks so much for stopping by! Hugs and happy stamping!


Donna said...

First of all I'm sorry about your headache. That's no fun at all. :-(
Second, great card! It's very cool.
Third!!! Thank you for the retro flashback. I LOVED these little things when I was a kid.

Deanna said...

Oh but I love it!

Juanita said...

Sorry to hear about your noodle, hope you get a chance to rest and heal up.
Love this card. I don't normally go for Halloween cards, just don't get me excited. But this is a real charmer.

JulieHRR said...

That is one *uber* cool card! I'm so sorry you have a wicked head-ache. :( No fun at all for a Friday. Feel better SOON!!! *hugs*

kathleenh said...

Cool card Angie! I like how you used the candelabra as a background.

I hope your headache is better and you made it through the day. At least it's Friday!

Shabby Horse said...

This is super cute! Love the glimmer brad. Hope your head gets better soon!

Heidi said...

Ha! I've been singing "We the People..." all week too!
Love the Poe-ish card, too!

"Promote the general welfare and..."

Barbara said...

I hope that your headache has disappeared! Your card is beautifully scary! I really like the black/grey and green together!

Rose said...

Very cute card, love that raven!

Silli said...

so the bird an the colors...HUGS

Savitri said...

Hope you're better!!
Hmmm, the card is kind of spooky :P Love the color but still spooky :P

Cindy Major said...

That's a cute swap card! I hope you had a good time at Regionals! :)